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European Central Bank Preparing for Bail Ins & Banking Collapse

Greg Reese – Feb 4, 2023

European Central Bank contractor confirms bail ins are coming

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4 thoughts on “European Central Bank Preparing for Bail Ins & Banking Collapse”

  1. What is happening now is a scam, a con.
    All the horrible things happening today are a set up.
    The government is 100% in on it 100%.
    The banks will take everyone’s money and the dollar will be worthless.
    The only way to get the resources to live will be robbery and murder of your fellow humans.
    They want you Gentiles to turn on one another and do that to make you belong to the evil one.
    They are going to destroy America with the communist/satanic nations: owned by the fallen angels of Hell: Israel, China and Russia.
    The food scarcity and end of energy band of production, the EMP attacks,
    are set up so the same people who are all in on causing them will come to your rescue.
    You already have been programmed to have confidence in these people,
    made to be confused as to their true motives, but they are also in on this con.
    When the EMP attacks come and the internet and all communications is shot,
    and all are isolated.
    Then you will look up and see planes above america dropping bombs on communities of houses and also soldiers will drop by parachute.
    They will also send soldiers over the border from Canada, Mexico and both coast lines that will be devastated by faked natural disasters.
    Yellowstone will erupt.
    They need to destroy America before they can make all nations exactly like their show piece of the NWO prison camp: China, where hundreds of Children and adults disappear off the streets every day for nefarious reasons known only to the bloodthirsty adrenochrome addicted illuminati.
    It is satan’s utopia.
    Those who you have been programmed to TRUST will come in to save you, and the chaos and terror and disorder and destabilization of war torn america was done purposefully to terrorize you into accepting the help of FALSE benefactor/saviors and then it will get really ugly when you do.
    ONLY if you PRAY and Unite as one Chosen People, GENTILES:the children of God, and have no fear.
    Know God is in everyone of you: inside your souls.
    You will be protected.
    This is the final test.
    Do what Jesus did, do not be like the jews who are soulless and only have EGO which is the part of Lucifer that exists in every person born of a soulless, jewish mother.
    They are setting you up to accept a false savior that will pretend to be GOD, and make you all take his mark, after which you will all be herded like Cattle and end up in eternal Hell, where there is no escape and not death ever and the worst thing about Hell is all the jews go there when they die.
    Their sadism and destruction of all life around them has no limits.
    You have no idea and could never even imagine how much they HATE all Gentiles.

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  3. They are planning to hit us with earthquakes, ww3 bombs and invasions, not food or any goods to buy, and new horrible plague/bio weapons in order to devastate the world into SUBMISSION, to the ones who are causing it all to happen. They will use a fake messiah to come and like Hitler, did to Germany after WW1, promise to rebuild and make a new perfect utopia world. But its all part of the scam, to enslave you in a world 100 thousand times more evil than China. It is a set up for a major con job. The war is all being made by the same top people, ruling the world now: the Bankers and Globalist, and the UN. They will fake sides in the wars, but its all one side against the civilian population. Don’t be surprised that the US will get earthquakes, and be hit by ICBM’s maybe even on Superbowl Sunday. Every major nation is all one demonic Satanic cult now. They will take down the USA first and then Australia, and Canada and Europe will follow. They are all slated to lose this final war: Armageddon. China will even attack Russia even though they are on the same team. Team NWO.

  4. It is true, all the leaders of all the advanced nations are submitting to the NWO plans, and are traitors to their own nations and people. They obey the NWO satanist at the top of the pyramid of evil, the Luciferian Bankers and the elite, who they shower with money and power if they do their bidding and make us all suffer in the misery of the devastation that is coming. All a set up to introduce the mark of the beast, that will make humans like animals, herded like animals and caged and owned like animals. They even plan on altering everyone’s DNA and mixing human DNA with animal DNA to recreate humans to the liking of Satan and the Fallen angels of Lucifer, who are the bankers, because their evil spirits live generation by generation in the bodies of the same Illuminati bloodlines.

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