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    A Warrior Calls Published July 10, 2022

    Must watch this fantastic interview! SO much truth is exposed powerfully and simply by Dr. David Martin.

    Check out this 42 page Response package. Bonnie Henry has been exposed as BC Health Minister. She knew the injections were not safe, it is an email string of BC website.:

    A Warrior Calls – for live stream access every Monday and Thursday @8pm EST

    ***The world must go to and download all pdf’s and videos.

    All the evidence the world needs to see to understand the COVID19 SARS-CoV-2 LIE will be found. the world must go for truth and the solution!

    Christopher James’ alternate platforms… where the TRUTH will be found and the Solution moving forward.

    Live Stream Link:

    1 thought on “Dr. David Martin PLANNED GENOCIDE GENOCIDE GENOCIDE”

    1. There are 2 methods to capture Quantum Energy we have even a University report to prove. I show one with the University test. There are no Ohms of course. The second one is patented. ‘That is my father Dr. Robert Ricketts who computerized quantum mechanics (phi) when I was 5 and use it for cephalometric analysis in growth predictions for the Human scull. We would have an interesting discussion. First Infinity does exist and Synergy also has Asymmetry. It is all there in the work of the Alchemist and the formula is in the bible on the QR nanoparticles,

      The answer to Global Warming for openers is right in front of us. The question is are we really ready to accept this?

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