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Doctor Recommends Children Wear Yellow Badges If They Haven’t Been Vaccinated

    ‘Here’s one other thing we have to do, sadly. ‘No Hugs Please.”

    National File – August 11, 2020

    Dr. Marc Seigel, a frequent FOX news contributor who recently landed an exclusive interview with President Donald Trump, told Tucker Carlson that children were looking to parents for leadership, and implied that wearing a yellow “No Hugs Please” badge would help in the fight against COVID-19.

    “Here’s one other thing we have to do, sadly,” Seigel said while showing Carlson the yellow badge. “‘No Hugs Please.’ Now if you look at this pin Tucker, it looks like something you might remember: No Smoking Please.”

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    “Let’s give our kids all of these pins, ‘No Hugs Please,’ sadly, but I’m gonna say this, with this pin, or shirts, ‘No Hugs Please,’ we’re gonna get 26 candidates for a vaccine coming out in the clinical trials right now,” Seigel continued.

    “Vaccines are gonna emerge, we’re gonna beat this thing, and then this is gonna go in the garbage,” the doctor said in reference to the badge. “And we’re all gonna hug each other. In the meantime, Tucker, let’s show our kids courage. They’re looking to parents for leadership. Leadership says, open the schools wherever we can, Tucker.”

    Carlson, who held a dour expression throughout Seigel’s monologue, seemed to push back against the guest’s idea of compulsory badges.

    “I don’t know if I can go there, I’m a hugger, sorry,” Carlson said.

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