XYZ | By David Hiscox – September 19, 2022

It was never about Covid:

Those walking off a trail, swimming in a waterway or conducting research in a park could face hefty fines under new rules.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ new rules, which have been slammed as ‘nanny state’ by the opposition, would apply to more than 50 parks across the state.

These changes are broken down in the proposed Metropolitan and Regional Parks Regulations, as many of Victoria’s regulations will expire in March of next year.

Rules in metropolitan parks were deemed ‘outdated’ and regional parks were believed to be ‘unregulated for recreational use’.

Changes include a fine of up to $924 for walking off a park trail, which is set out by the land manager.

Victorians conducting ‘intrusive research’ at a park such as a scientific study, could be hit with a $1,472 fine.

No more straying off the main path to defy the dominant narrative and undermine the foundation myth of our age which is slowly killing our people.

Those wanting to swim in a body of water at a park will require a permit unless that waterway has been clearly designated for swimming.

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