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DC Court Obliterates US Bill of Rights

    Greg Reese – May 6, 2023

    Proud Boys found guilty of Seditious Conspiracy

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    1 thought on “DC Court Obliterates US Bill of Rights”

    1. The District of Columbia did not even exist during the construction of our Constitution and is not the original location of our Federal Government when it was originally established. It is the city state of the Corporation of the United States of America, which does not hold an allegiance to our Constitution. When the shadow government was established behind the peoples back and incorporated into a sovereign city state in D.C. it was relinquished to Englands control by then President Grant for some so called debt default. In 1913 the Federal Reserve and IRS was thrust upon us to control our currency and collect taxes from the citizens of the United States for the crown All this of course was and still is UnConstitutional. We are in the middle of a war with this illegal corporation which is aligned with 2 other city states, the vatican and the city of london. This is the one of the most powerful structures of the cabal. It is all going to come crashing down very soon. All this chaos is the beast desperately trying to escape the inescapable.

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