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Crop Circles – Quest For Truth (2002)

    Crop Circles: Quest For Truth is a fascinating examination of the exquisite geometric patterns that have been appearing for years in fields all over the world. Director William Gazecki takes the exploration from fiction to fact, drawing some shocking conclusions as he offers a rare glimpse into the inner sanctum of scientists studying crop circle formations. Visually stunning cinematography shot on location enhances this feature-length documentary which includes rare footage and interviews with leading researchers.

    “Of the 100-180 or so formations that have appeared in southern England every summer for the past 12 years, it is highly doubtful that more than a few were surreptitiously and secretly manmade – the facts don’t add up for anything more than a handful of convincing fakes in any given year. That leaves a huge, unexplained and authentic phenomenon. My assertion, which is absolutely 100% certain and unabashed, is that in fact there are hundreds if not thousands of authentic Crop Circles that have appeared in the past somewhere in the world. They are real!” – William Gazecki, Director of Crop Circles: Quest For Truth

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    1. This riveting film shows us the true dimensions of the breathtaking phenomenon of crop formations. Friends of mine who have lived in Wiltshire since the eighties can attest to the fact that the circles do appear mysteriously, and that a certain group of people appeared after the formations began to receive serious attention, absolutely intent on creating fake circles and persuading the world that the formations were a hoax. It seemed that the goal of this unpleasant gang was to prevent the transformation of consciousness that the crop circles and the truths they offered could bring to humankind if their revelations were fully embraced. One of the most beautiful, mysterious and esoteric crop circles to appear was at the little hamlet of Crooked Soley in Berkshire, England. Allan Brown and John Michell, leading specialists in their fields, wrote a book about it detailing all its wonders (Crooked Soley – A Crop Circle Revelation). I read their book and it was as though I could see what the crop circle was revealing to us (Brown and Michell uncovered and depicted the marvels that its construction articulated but drew no conclusions). I did, and wrote a book explaining what I read within the crop formation (The Crooked Soley Mystery – A Gift from Above to the People of Earth). It is available as an ebook from Amazon but if you would like to read it for free, I will send you the text (please contact me on Facebook).

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