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Crazy: Single Russian Tank Blows Away Column of 8 AFU Armor With Artillery Help

    December1991 – July 29th, 2023

    One Russian Tank vs. Eight Ukrainian Armored Vehicles – Epic Footage

    A new drone video of the battle during the initial days [early June] of the Ukrainian counteroffensive near Novoadarovka reveals that a single Russian tank encountered an 8-unit column of Ukrainian Armed Forces armored vehicles, including 2 tanks and 5 MRAP M1224 MaxxPro.

    Skillfully maneuvering and with the support of artillery fire and anti-tank units, the Russian crew withdrew and re-engaged twice, preventing the Ukrainian armor from advancing.

    The Russian crew fired on the Ukrainian column, forcing them to scatter on a minefield and suffer losses.

    Thanks to the their actions, the entire AFU column was defeated.

    First video is a shortened version, second video is the full 10min video.

    Fiery video from the Zaporozhye direction!!!

    ONE tank of the RF Armed Forces stops an entire company of the enemy! Watch STRICTLY to the end! To the crew of the HERO OF RUSSIA!

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