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Clown World…in High Heels

    Fearless Nation – April 22nd, 2023

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    We are all explorers trying to find ourselves…
    Some people around you will not understand your journey.
    They don’t need to; it’s not for them.

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    1 thought on “Clown World…in High Heels”

    1. People do not realize that the Science and technology we have today is not in tune or harmony with God and his creation. Transgenderism is unnatural and unhealthy.
      It is anti-life, it seeks to replace what God created with what is unnatural, what is not and is outside of God’s will, God’s perfect plan. All of it is toxic to life, from the medicines that come from the satanic torture of animals in laboratories that are in truth satanic rituals. Abortion is a satanic ritual. All things that go against the will of God are satanic.
      The origins of all the science and technology we have today do not come from God, they come directly from satanists, it comes directly from freemasonry. When you do God’s will, what is done in heaven, you are with God. Once you allow science to be above God to replace God, you begin to do what is done in Hell, what is satan, the destroyer, the enemy of God’s will. You are either with God and one with his will, or you are with the devil and against God’s will bringing harm and destruction to his creation, to all life on earth. The medicines that doctors give are unnatural poisons, they get in the water supply, they ruin the water. The plastics ruin the ocean. The air is full of their poisonous chemtrails and rocket fuel. Science and technology are tools of the devil to ruin and destroy the natural order. They are doing the same to the bodies of children, destroying what God created their bodies to be. The communists are satanists and they want to destroy all that God made perfect and bring it to ruin and destruction. They Hate God and Hate life and do the will of Satan on earth. They are the antichrist. Medical doctors do not cure any disease; they exacerbate disease with poison and stop the natural healing process.
      They only treat disease, make it worse and never heal. They make these children worse. It is evil. It is satanic. There is a force of evil on this planet, and it has taken over. Where this evil is accepted and trusted and seen as “good”, those have fallen. When that happens you lose God and become like the evil forces, demonically possessed. Only when you are with God and do his will alone and reject the evil, and cast it out, are you safe and with God and the angels of heaven, doing what is natural and healthy and sane. Once people become atheistic and worship science and technology, things that come from the fallen angels of Hell, they reject the truth, and the supernatural and infinite powers of God. Science and technology are killers of life. They are POISONS from Hell, they bring demonic spirits from hell to earth. They are poisoning us, Satanists are poisoning the world and causing mass animal and human deaths, and destruction from the medical poisonous hormones to wifi and EMFs and 5 and 6G, the point of science is the devil’s way to play God and replace God, with himself and to destroy everything God made perfect and make it unnatural and anti life. The energy of satanists kill life, and bring demons from Hell to earth. It is overrun now with demons. It all comes from the descendants of the killers of Christ and the gentiles who joined their satan club the Freemasons. They have developed weapons so horrific, like scalar, microwave and laser weapons and the nuclear bombs that have been upgraded to destroy all life on earth with radioactive tsunamis. That is what the devil is planning. CERN is a gateway to Hell. The DUMBs, deep underground military bases are all gateways to Hell below. What Science is doing in secret is SATANIC. The devil is bringing HELL to earth through science and technology. Stop worshiping the doctors of modern science, they all go directly to Hell when they die for their crimes against humanity that they profit money from. They are only in it for the money as are these gender bender criminals. People will do evil and abhorrent acts of cruelty and destruction on their fellow man and on children for money, and they call it medical science. NO, it is SATANISM, doing the will of the devil, and it is not of God it is contrary to the God and the laws of creation.
      Go back to what is NATURAL and what is God’s perfect plan for us created out of his Love for us, or you are on the pathway to eternal Hell. The most technologically advanced nations will all mutually destroy one another in WW3. They will be gone, down to Hell and vanish forever. Russia, China, Israel, the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Europe will all vanish off the face of the earth, because they have chosen to worship the devil’s destructive anti-life poisonous, deadly and lethal to all life science and technology and erased all connection to God and what he created which is natural and good in the process.
      You can’t serve 2 masters. They have given up God and chosen to replace God with the devil and his science. FREEMASONRY is where all science comes from. The killers of Jesus Christ are the ones who created Freemasonry. Who hated God long before Jesus came to rescue us from them. The fallen Angels of Hell exist here on earth, they live in human bodies one generation to the next, they are not human. They run the financial and banking system of the world, the NWO, they will bring the mark of the beast, and the CBDCs. They won the private central banks. They are the Illuminati, worshipers and followers of Lucifer. They have controlled this world, and brought all this evil to this earth, all communism is their satanism. They paid for and profited even more from all the communist revolutions on earth, they are a communist/satanist revolution on earth. They want to bring it as the one world religion during ww3. They are behind all things that go against God on this earth, and destroy what is good and natural.
      Transgender science is about these satanists destroying these children and taking them to Hell.
      What cures all physical and mental illness is GOD. Is the power of God’s love. Only God heals all. He does it naturally, with what nature provides, not with Satan’s poisons he calls medicines. All medicines are satanic poisons. Everything they tell you: the exact opposite is the truth. The freemasons would NEVER take any of the poisons they give you and call them medicines, they have taken all the true forms and methods of healing that others discovered over time, and keep them only for themselves alone. They know the truth about the world that you do not, they fill you with lies and make you believe them. Most of the science they teach you is all LIES. Every excuse for wars are all lies. They only have wars so you will kill each other off for them. So you will destroy nations, then they can sweep in with their money and take them over, both the winners and losers nations. They make you need their money in ways that are unnatural, and then use that against you, controlling you and enslaving you. This earth belongs to you and they have taken all of it under their ownership. Satan has given you a money system so he could slowly over time buy it all up and own it all for himself, that is what ww3 will do. That is the great reset: the bankers: Illuminati satanists owning the entire world, their NWO is their takeover of the earth. They are NOT HUMAN, they come from Hell, and earth is now becoming their new extension of Hell, with the coming of the CBDCs and the mark of the beast. God loves you and they hate you. Which master do you serve? That will be the final judgment.
      They first make you atheists then communist then satanists, then they take you to Hell for eternity.

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