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CIA Implicated in Election Meddling in Australia & Other Commonwealth Nations!

    CIA Hammer Scorecard Did Commonwealth Countries George Soros = CISA DHS Michael Chertoff Red Mafiya

    Robert David Steele – 18th Nov, 2020

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    Robert has just gotten off a video teleconference with a top source overseas, who cited Leigh Dundass as one of their sources, but went on to stress three points that Robert repeats, that are not getting enough attention even within the US alternative media:

    01 CIA manipulated Commonwealth country elections and probably France and Germany as well to favor Macron and Merkel

    02 DHS/CISA completely compromised — Robert adds Michael Chertoff’s role for context

    03 All the money used to bribe US state and local officials appears to be traceable back to George Soros and his varied fronts.

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    Robert David Steele

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