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Child Protective Services Trying to Steal a Baby pureblood – May 1st, 2023

    #ChildProtectiveServices #PizzaGate

    Edward Snowden ( Private.

    1 thought on “Child Protective Services Trying to Steal a Baby”

    1. CPS not only destroys children, but also it destroys our society, and is attempting to start race wars.
      Poverty is the leading cause of mental illness world wide.
      David dePape is mentally ill because he was an illuminati child sex slave.
      Many black people who go insane and are driven to do horrible things.
      There are also poor white people who also go insane and commit horrible crimes.
      The majority of the people who are poor and end up in prison 90 % are from the foster care system.
      They never had parents or anything but abuse, many are sold off by CPS to the elite.
      These children are unwanted, unloved and lack all basic human needs.
      Blame the social system of inequality you all enjoy because you have it better, because you have more and they have less and then HATE these people when they act out and all end up in PRISON.
      90% of these children in the Social services care system end up in prison.
      Hate them and see where that gets you, when God judges you.
      There are proportionally more Black people in the foster care system.
      The CIA intentionally brought crack into the Black neighborhoods that had begun to prosper, where they had good family structures, less need for foster care. They did it to destroy the families and the neighborhoods.
      Then the killers of Christ could buy the land up for pennies on the dollar and sell it to more affluent people, most of whom were white.
      They worked a giant con to make sure that black families were destroyed by drugs and what comes with drugs rampant crime and mental illness, from broken homes, children in foster care.
      Put the blame where it belongs. God knows the truth, you can’t hide the truth with your white pride.
      There are many good and decent black people, who are all the children of God.
      THere are just many more black people that have been driven to the lowest depths of despair and want, who have been abandoned not just by their parents but by society at large.
      The killers of Christ do want a race war, they want all gentiles to fight each other to the death for them.
      Are you all that stupid? Divide and conquer is their strategy.
      They hate all gentiles. Their goal of “war and depopulation” is to outnumber the gentiles which they hope to accomplish in ww3, Billions will die in seconds. It will last only 3 weeks.
      Then they will dominate, enslave and control and make Hell on earth.
      United you could stand and they know that, divided you will fall and they push HATE, that is the doorway to becoming as evil as they are.
      Racism is evil. It is antichrist, like the killers of Christ who are laughing at you for being their witless puppets.
      When you hate you are serving the devil like they do.
      Try love, nonviolence, peace, truth and kindness and equality and serve God.
      “You can’t serve 2 masters”. Hate only serves the evil one.
      “Overcome evil with good”. Just read the bible.
      Jesus was Black it is a fact, that is why the killers of Christ HATE them the most.
      Hitler loved the Black race. That is a fact. He called them God’s chosen people.
      He made it a point to shake the hand of Jesse Owens at the olympic games.
      On judgement day you will have many regrets if you continue to Hate.
      Hitler had no HATE in him, only love.
      The jews have portrayed Hitler to be guilty of being what the jews exactly are: evil murderers and liars like their father the devil.
      You will soon find out how true that is when they take over this world and make it their personal Hell dungeon of sadism and cruelty. The Jew world order it the order of satan.
      The illuminati call themselves, “the order”, the order of satan.
      Many freemasons and satanists are also also gentiles, however, once they have been used for their purpose, at the end of every satanic cult of, all the gentile members are killed usually in the most brutal and horrific ways. Sandor Lavey, (Stanley Levy) of the first open overt public Satanic Templ, had 3 girlfriends at the same time: Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gabor and Jane Mansfield. Ava Gabor who is jewish survived, but the other 2 were killed by satanists.
      A Satanic cult in brownsville Texas is where George Bush jr. spent all his time while AWOL from the military. about 30 members of this cult were all skinned alive.
      George, a jew, (the Bushes are jews), was the first to be arrested, but later released.
      The man who later was convicted of the murder was subsequently exonerated and pardoned by George when he was Governor of Texas. George’s mother Barbara is the illegit daughter of Aleister Crowley.
      Many gentiles serve freemasonry, however, once they have served their usefulness, they will all die gruesome and horrible deaths. Some are already being purged right now.
      The problem is Satanism. The jews are Satanists, and they have gained control of the entire world right now. Why and how? You did not recognize God when he came with Jesus, to earth, as Adolf Hitler.
      You instead joined forces and championed the devil: the jews.
      Now look where that has gotten you. Wake up and see the truth.
      Only the truth will set you free. God is the truth.
      Yes, satanist want your children.
      They also want you to NEVER be allowed to have children of your own again:
      They want to make them themselves, in labs.

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