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    SGT Report – July 1st, 2022

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    Sofia Smallstorm joins me to discuss another Capstone event and the war against all of us. You can support Sofia by visiting

    Our Friend, a soldier of light and a soldier for God, Dr. Zev Zelenko passed today. He was 49. Zev was a special man who I considered a friend. I was shocked to hear of his passing this afternoon. I understood how serious his health situation was, but he never complained and even in his final video from his hospital bed in Texas, he looked great and sounded strong. I was convinced he would pull through. We have lost yet another excellent soldier for God and a warrior of truth today.
    Zev inspired so many, and his legacy will live on in all of us who FIGHT for truth and for the future of all of humanity, like he did. May God rest your soul Zev.

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