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    The Marshall Report – March 8, 2021

    I’m not sure how much we understand about the cult of the Illuminati, but to put it simply, it is the ancient Baal worship of Lucifer and Satan. A fallen angel worship with many offshoots and levels, including witchcraft, necromancers, demons, and jinn. Satan is a mocker of God, and loves to imitate him. The Illuminati in exchange for power and wealth carry out Lucifer’s bidding in exchange for the chance to be lords over the masses and satanic promises to live forever as lords with them when they come into the light. It includes offshoots like the Vril Society that claim to hold the secret knowledge that would enable them to change their race and become equals of the men hidden in the bowels of the Earth.

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    These secrets contain methods of concentration and occult teachings they believe to be handed down by the Masters of Atlantis, and the secrets of Solomon. These practices, they believe, give them dominion over the masses of the world, allowing them to live as lords, while all the rest of the people are enslaved. They call it their new world order. I call it Hades manifested on the surface of the earth. They are satanic cult practices that mock God and defy the Lord’s glorious return. The illuminated ones follow Lucifer and desire to usher in his satanic new world order and defy the day of consummation or wrath, known as the Day of the Lord.

    For those who are awake and or waking up and listening to what those who have been researching real history, it should all begin to make more sense now.  Most never understood this evil thing. They  understood demons but never the cult practices. Nor did they understand the thinking of those that desired to partake in them. Most are still trying to wrap their head around the old world symbolism being destroyed to usher in the new world order and how  this process works in their plans.  This is an evil outline devised by Satan and played out by those who desire what his world can give them. Once you get in, it is all but impossible to get out. This has been a battle since the Garden of Eden, but is now in its last age.

    Ⓥ NAP Paul Ⓐ on Twitter: "33° Luciferian Albert Pike was the Grand  Commander of the Supreme Council of the Southern Jurisdiction from 1859  until death in 1891. This “Mother Supreme Council

     Throughout the ages, man has battled these evil principalities and powers all leading up to this last hour. In fact, it was Albert Pike, the most powerful Freemason in America, who wrote the final plans for completing the Rothschild’s New World Order in 1871. His plans were to create three world wars, multiple revolutions, terrorism, spiritual and moral decline, and the destruction of both Christianity and atheism leading into the doctrine of Lucifer, at which point the illuminati and all of its extensions would be able to come out from the secret places and into public view. The world would all worship Lucifer. That is their goal.

    So the battle that started in heaven will indeed end here upon the earth, in a very real spiritual warfare with all of Gods people. That is the cabal’s plans.

     The first world war was to be brought about by creating differences between Great Britain and Germany. It’s motivation was for the purpose of destroying the Tsar in Russia, to avenge Nathan Rothschild. You see, the war of 1812 was created by the Rothschild controlled illuminati for the purpose of setting up their new world order. When it ended in 1815, the Rothschild brothers had made a fortune by financing both the British and the United States; all they needed was Tsar Alexander I to surrender to be controlled by the Rothschild Central Bank. But he refused, thus foiling his new world government plans. At that time Nathan Rothschild swore revenge on the Tsar. It was at this time that Nathan Rothschild made his famous statement:

    “‘I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”

    After World War I, the Tsar was replaced with communism, which was used to attack Christianity and other religions. His plan for World War II was to bring about controversy between fascism and political Zionism with the slaughter of Jews in Germany. And they also killed 5 million Christians which we rarely hear about.  Hitler’s reign was established before he was born. All we are watching take place has been planned a very long time ago and the secret societies have never faltered on carrying out every evil deed on their list.

    Hitler and his obsession with the Vril-ya. But what exactly is Vril? –  TRUTHRISES

    World War II was designed to destroy the fascism which was created to bring about the first war and increase the power of political Zionism, and at the same time increase the power of communism to a level equal to Christendom. The planting of the seeds for World War III. In fact one of Pikes letters that he wrote to his friend Illuminati Guissepe Mazzini was catalogued in the British Museum. This letter stated that they, meaning the Illuminati, shall unleash the nihilists and the atheists and provoke a great social cataclysm which in all its horror will show to all nations the effect of absolute atheism; the origins of savagery and bloody turmoil. He claimed that people will be forced to defend themselves everywhere against the minority of the world revolutionaries and will kill those destroyers of civilization and the multitudes disillusioned with Christianity who will be without direction and leadership and anxious for an ideal, but without knowledge where to send their adoration. Because of this they will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer brought finally out into public view. This he claims will result from a general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and Atheism. Or so they who work at this in secret wishes that it would.

    The goal here is to create chaos, eliminate all manner of good and righteousness and apathy, and out of this, the new world order will be born.

    And the third world war appears to be playing out as we speak. Pike designed to stir up hatred of the Muslim world for the purpose of playing the Islamic world against the political Zionists. While this was going on, the rest of the nations would be forced to fight themselves into a state of mental, physical, spiritual, and economic exhaustion. Through all of the protests and the internal fighting created by prejudices of all sorts. And here we are today.


    This is the most evil blueprint in history! Why weren’t we told these things by others who knew?

    Because the devil shows no transparency other than what those with eyes might see, and those with ears may hear. Another mocking of God and his Word. That is why the study of ancient manuscripts is very important.  Does anyone really believe our military and those who can warn the people, truly believe we are so ridiculously fragile that we would all fall apart…or is it that they really know we would take to the streets locked and loaded and have a terrible civil war?

    It's Over”: Trump Stokes a Republican Civil War on His Way Out the Door |  Vanity Fair

    Many have learned and now recognize the secret meanings of shapes and symbols we see every day. Yet, many fail to see beyond the veil. The veil the Illuminati have created to usher in their Satanic order guided by the devil himself in order to defy all of God’s plans for mankind and now we stand at the fork in the road, most having no clue to the danger all humanity is facing. God is watching all things and his plans for his people shall not be thwarted by the wiles of secret societies.  God is watching all things and His will shall be done, not the wicked cabals.

    Pray for strength and wisdom for such a time as this.


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