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BREAKING: Newly Released Uvalde Shooting Security Footage

    Hot Videos – Jul 13, 2022

    BREAKING: Newly Released Uvalde Shooting Security Footage

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    1 thought on “BREAKING: Newly Released Uvalde Shooting Security Footage”

    1. from
      On the School shooting, a couple of problems. This was an 18 year old ILLEGAL who lived with his grandma. He had a part time job at McDonald’s (8 hours a week), at minimum wage. He liked to dress up in girl’s clothes, and had a very expensive wardrobe of these clothes. He had dropped out of school because it interfered with his video game playing. Brand new expensive game console. He had a brand new F250 pickup, with all the bells and whistles. He had 2 Brand new Daniel Defense (brand) AR15/M4 rifles, equipped with Military grade Optics. Each rifle is between 3,000 and 4,000 dollars. He had several thousand rounds of Military grade ammunition. And he had a thousand dollar bullet proof vest. All from a part time job at McDonald’s..
      Ford F250 Platinum $71,000.00
      Clothes $3000,00
      Game Console $500.00
      Rifles $6000.00/$8,000.00
      Optics $1000.00
      Ammunition $900.00
      Body Armor $1000.00
      Total $83,400.00
      On Minimum Wage
      Part Time
      At McDonald’s
      The jew movies hype being a hitman as a glamorous life.
      Naive, innocent people believe it is true, it is not.
      This is how it is done: It is a scam, there are different scenarios, like this one:
      A “made Man” shows up and makes friends with the MARK.
      He wants him to be his apprentice. He provides him with equipment and training.
      The guy/kid, is poor and hopeless, and thinks he has just gotten the best break of his life.
      He feels cool and like his life has changed forever from this amazing cool new friend.
      Someone straight out of a movie, with all the glamorous life and toys Hitmen have in movies.
      He eventually has to prove himself by doing a hit.
      He is told he will have backup and won’t be touched.
      He is not told how horrible it will be with many victims.
      But asked beforehand if he could do it to get the new life, they always say yes, they don’t want to give up all the money and toys they have been given,
      It is a con. They become “made men” they must vow to never talk about the secret new life or friends, or they will have grave consequences.
      They get some dirt on the person too, mabe a previous killing to show he is for real, just as they do in freemasonry, as insurance, that they will never talk. If they do they will get stung for that pervious “insurance” crime and that shuts them up.
      They can’t back out at that point, so they agree to do a crime even if it is shooting little children in their own neighborhood.
      They are told this is the crime that will seal the deal and get them in.
      They are usually desperate losers, who have NOTHING, just the many and toys the CON men provide. Material possessions and hope that they have gotten so accustomed to they can’t ever give up.
      so they agree.
      They are told it’s an inside job and they will have backup, that is just another test to prove they are LOYAL. They remember the first test, and how they got away with it, so they do it.
      They are given drugs and sex too, as a new Cool, hit man guy out of the movies.
      They want the dream so much, they go through with it.
      If they can’t go through with it, if the freeze, the “backup guys do it for them and kill the guy.
      That happens a lot, like the aurora movie killing.
      Unless they leave, like in Florida killing and then they just get arrested.
      All criminal organized Crime syndicates have been eliminated, there is only one left, the same one that took down and took over all of them. The Russian Jewish/israeli MOB.
      They run all the dirty jobs now. They always set up a patsy to do the HOAXES , for the Mossad, FBI, CIA, freemasons, who use them to do the dirty world too, so they don’t get caught.
      At the top of freemasonry, is the Luciferian Bankers (Mr. Gold).
      Under them is the 33 degree masons, Illuminati.
      It all is centralised in Israel which is owned by the Luciferian Bankers.
      Under them is freemasonry.
      In freemasonry, they say: “joining freemasonry is the only way to get AHEAD.
      Freemasonry gives you a “HEAD” a false public image, even false credentials , money and wealth and possessions, to make you seem ideal for high positions, it is all fake.
      You serve satan and his agenda only. You are a prisoner for life.
      If you dare leave, they take your “head” back and you lose your head and all your wealth power and position, they make you HATED by the public, they frame you. It is in the original contract when you join masonry. R. Kelly, Jussie Smollett, Kevin Trudeau, Jared Fogle, and many more, were all framed.
      They framed and then killed Michael Jackson when he refused to do what Epstein did, provide children to the Hollywood and music industry pedophiles.
      Epstein and Maxwell worked for freemasonry.
      Their clients were the illuminati, 33 degree masons.
      In Israel, everyone must be a soldier for a time, they all know how to use and have weapons, high powered weapons. They are all working freemasons.
      Why do they want americans to be without their 2nd amendment rights to own Guns?
      You better ask that question and not be sitting ducks, getting fleeced by Israel and their hoax false flags
      Or america will be destroyed, freedom will be destroyed forever all over the entire world.
      That is their goal.

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