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Bill Gates ‘Blackmailed’ By Epstein Over Alleged Affair With Russian Bridge Player 5-22-23 Facts Matter

    levtcs – May 23rd, 2023

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    1 thought on “Bill Gates ‘Blackmailed’ By Epstein Over Alleged Affair With Russian Bridge Player 5-22-23 Facts Matter”

    1. What a load of shite.
      Bill is not having any affairs with women.
      Not to mention no woman would not be repulsed by him to begin with, he has to pay dominatrixes to sadistically torture hm, as in a dominant mistress and him a submissive slave.
      Psychopaths do not have normal relationships and they do not like normal sex, in fact they hate it.
      They may pretend to, for nefarious purposes, but they only enjoy the sadomasochistic role playing scenarios with a dominatrix.
      Bill like to wear red sexy womens lingerie and a wig and lipstick and makeup and be a slave to a mistress who treats him cruelly and humiliates him.
      He likes being treated like a dog with a collar and a dog kennel and dog dish.
      He is into coprophilia which means he is a fecal freak or a Scat freak.
      Marina A-broom-a-witch was his mistress for a long time.
      He would likely do anything perverted and disgusting.
      He is disgusting and he is a the total consummate satanist.
      So is Musk, so are all the billionaires, Klaus, Harari, Soros, all of them.
      Zelensky was a male prostitute, for S&M to the Ukrainian oligarchs.
      The elite live in a sick and twisted world.
      They only like what Satan likes, love what satan loves and do on earth only what Satan would do in Hell.
      If you keep doing the same and worshipping these billionaire psycho-lunatics who are all just a Satan’s ‘mini me’. If you continue to accept tall their satanic crap like the medical system, their movies and music and money system and celebs, in God’s eyes you have left him and chosen Satan as your God.
      If you can’t reject them and reject their money system and the coming Mark of the beast it requires,
      and further: you must only love and like and do what God and the beings in heaven love and like and do, which is:
      “Love one another as Jesus loves you”, his final most important commandment. God will not judge you as having him alone as your God.
      It will come down to that in the end.
      If you do not follow the 10 commandments, he is not your God.
      If you instead accept the devil and his money system that gives him God-like power to make you all his slaves, you are not with God, you are worshipping as God the Nephilim=the fallen angels of Hell, AKA: ‘Moloch Mammon’.
      They own and run Banking=money=Finance and everything else now thanks to that ownership.’Including you as their SLAVES.
      You can’t serve 2 masters.

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