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Big Pharma Launches “Christian Vaccine” to KILL Saints, History Books Replaced With COMMUNISM

    Stew Peters Network Published September 16, 2022

    Dr. Martingano believes the government is executing a plan to change our way of life completely. The plan is, simply, this: Destroy the middle class totally, and take control of their children to shape as they wish.

    That means rewriting the history books and making our schools even more indoctrination-based than they already are.

    Richard Leonard joins to detail how the Stew Peters Network was able to extend the caregiver benefits for our disabled veterans!

    Edward Szall joins to expose how Gavin Newsom is calling for Ron DeSantis’s arrest for kidnapping, for sending immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

    Dr. Jane Ruby joins to expose the lies of the non-fetal cell injection, which instead contains toxins and animal DNA, and marketed to religious groups!

    WWF champion, monster truck driver, and fitness expert Madusa joins to detail how Kuribl CBD has remedied her wrestler’s body!

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