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Atty Thomas Renz Says 250K Were Murdered In Hospitals By Intentional Misdiagnosis For Money

    SonOfEnos – August 2nd, 2021

    Renz also drops another bombshell by revealing that they have a second whistleblower that is willing to testify under penalty of perjury that the actual number of “vaccine” deaths from the covid-shot is far higher than the 45K initially reported. The number of deaths could be more than 500K-1 MILLION (and that’s just the number who died within days of getting the kill-shot).

    Thomas Renz’s team is being very careful about releasing the identity of their whistleblowers because they are acutely aware of just how dangerous this is. The lives of the whistleblowers would be in grave danger if their identity became known because clearly the perpetrators of global mass genocide have no qualms about killing people.


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