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Another example of how to conduct yourself as a LIVING PERSON when confronted by GOVCO Police!!

UNDERSTANDING THE LIES – October 7th, 2022

This one by Zo is a beauty!!! This woman has a SERIOUS SET OF BALLS!! WELL DONE M’AM!!
The police have no right to force you top stop and undergo a breath test!! Zero! NONE!!
You’ll learn a lot from this!! This one is MUCH BETTER than the one that I loaded up the other day!!! Here is that one……..

I have no issues with the police…except when they step outside of their intended LEGAL role – protecting the men, women & their offspring – and instead start raising revenue for the Government (oh and inflict tyranny for a flu).
I’ve noticed there are a lot of uneducated people out there in relation to these matters (seeing some really ignorant comments). What you need to understand is that “NSW police” and those who represent it, are a CORPORATION. Corporations can only deal with corporations, not the living. Therefore, they have no more authority than McDonald’s and rely on your ignorance to consent and contract to their constant “offers”. Under common law (law of the living – not corporations) anyone who causes harm, damage, loss or trespass on another and their property actually suffer worse consequences.
A pedophile for example would not walk free after a couple of months serving time – for ruining a kids life – as they do in the current maritime/admiralty jurisdiction where JUSTICE is not a priority and MONEY is!

Again – I don’t recommend anyone doing this unless you have a full understanding of what you are doing. I am in the process of learning about all this myself….you need to be very confident when dealing with police abusing their powers!

With thanks to ‘Be Free with Dee’ Facebook page.

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