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ANOTHER Emergency Landing proving FLAT EARTH

    God’s Flat Earth – June 15th, 2023

    Original Source : Flat Earth, Banjo, USA, Japan and Brazil

    God’s Flat Earth – Rumble
    God’s Flat Earth – Bitchute
    God’s Flat Earth – Odysee

    The Myth of Seeing a Curved Horizon

    Flying Over The Earth

    The Flat Earth Theory – A Short Introduction

    NASA Lies
    Believing In The Moon Landings (For The Attention Of David Wood)

    Your Eyes Reveal The Truth
    Boats don’t sail over the curve of the earth – they sail out of our visual range
    The Horizon / Perspective & Angular Resolution

    TOP 10 Reasons Why I Dont Trust NASA

    Antarctica & Admiral Byrd: Operation Fishbowl / Dominic

    NASA Images & Photoshop

    NASA Space Fakery … Underwater Space Walks

    Lessons On Islam Owen Benjamin

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    Below is a link to a blog concerning the 9/11 New York building collapses.

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    1 thought on “ANOTHER Emergency Landing proving FLAT EARTH”

    1. God does not lie. Only the devil is a liar.
      Therefore the devil is running all info we get.
      If that is true, then he is leading us down below the earth into Hell,
      because Heaven is above the flat earth and Hell is below it.
      Up in heaven there is no darkness.
      Below in Hell there is no light, except for the flames.
      Here on earth, in between Heaven and Hell, we are being tested.
      The people of TRUTH will ascend higher to Heaven.
      Those who “lie and loveth a lie”, will go below.
      As is states at the very end of the book of Revelations/Apocalypse.
      Also here we are in the Kali Yuga the age of Darkness and demons.
      This age will end and the next age is the Satya Yuga.
      Satya Yuga is the age of TRUTH.
      The devil feeds us lies because he does not want us to get higher to the next agae above us, the Heaven of Truth.
      The darkness and demons live in the darkness: darkness is the absence of truth: LIES
      In Hell everything is all lies. Just as Satanism is all lies.
      Satanism is just the truth turned around backwards and upside down. It is only the devil taking the catholic Church and Christianity that lead people to Heaven, world of Love, light and TRUTH, and making an exact opposite of it, as their perverted dark religion that leads those who accept it, directly down to Eternal Hell after this age ends.
      This age is ending now.
      Aleister Crowley (Barbara Bush’s secret Father) went all over the earth to find the 7 gates down to Hell.
      He found one in pasadena called Devil’s gate, that is where the fake space program started.
      They did not go up into space. They went down to Hell.
      They made treaties with aliens from HELL below us.
      That is why the devil as the NWO now owns the entire earth.
      Below us is the Black Sun. It emits cold and fire at the same time and darkness, a cloudy thick darkness.
      When you see it in the sky, it will be because the earth has no love or truth or peace in it like Heaven does.
      If earth did, then the earth would rise up to heaven.
      Instead due to the lies and fear and hate and violence etc, like in Hell below,
      the earth is going down to Hell and you will soon see the black sun that is down there.
      It will envelop the entire earth, being several times larger than earth.
      Only those who are of the TRUTH and LOVE and Peace and oneness with the things of Heaven above will rise up and those who are dark liars and evil haters will burn in that Black sun for billions of years.
      The fire will purify the earth.
      This is the end. What is important now is only your soul. Make it clean and white.
      Love God and have faith, Hope and Charity (unselfish giving out of LOVE)
      Those who lie, hate and fear and are sadistic and cruel, and want to conquer control and dominate and are SELFISH have destroyed souls and are dark and filthy spirits.
      All those who rule this world as the NWO will burn for eternity very soon.
      They are going down. They are bringing this entire flat earth DOWN to HELL itself.
      They will get nothing but eternal torture and torment for all their mendacious, nefarious and unscrupulous plans of world domination.

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