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Andrew Tate dropping truth bombs all over GB news

    Tell Me Sweet Little Lies – December 20th, 2022

    2 thoughts on “Andrew Tate dropping truth bombs all over GB news”

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    2. BUT:
      watch Tate humiliate and whip and beat this young girl
      Most cons are run to get money out of people. When the Gov/FBI run their cons they get people to commit crimes for them, to sucker them into being patsy’s, or to set them up to be a patsy.
      They run cons all the time: the staged shootings, the Whitmer Kidnapping.
      It is what they do.
      They use those people and manipulate them, not for $$$, but to fulfill an agenda, and they use the same means as every other Con.
      That is what they are covering up.
      Every case, the idiots were conned and fooled by someone, or and a few someones in collusion, they were set up to value, trust and who fed their egos, and supplied them with things they otherwise would not have, and that they enjoyed enough receiving that they would do anything for their new “valuable” friends, ones that gave their low levels of self esteem, a boost upwards.
      They pick out losers and make them think they can be winners,
      or at least be vicariously a winner by aligning themselves with a winning group or person.
      The con artists seem to be glamorous, confident and mysterious, powerful and successful and accomplished, superior in intelligence, and they fake that they actually care about their Mark, someone chosen specifically, because no one ever cared about them or loved them.
      but they are secretly just boring, no conscience, FBI.
      Little do they know, it is all a set up: confidence games, make you trust the one who takes you down.
      They choose their Marks carefully and manipulate them not into giving up their money,
      but to be shot themselves or to spend years in prison for crimes they would never otherwise have committed.
      I hope these con artists know the wages of sin is death = eternal Hell.
      They are the biggest idiots. They just conned themselves out of ever having eternal Life in Heaven
      What a way to throw away your life. I bet they take great false PRIDE in it,
      The devil always counts on pride, to take souls.
      That is what will happen to anyone who works for the antichrist, instead of for Jesus Christ.

      This is how they set up all the cons, including this one: Person A, comes into your life, he is whatever you think is fabulous, he is very intelligent, very well dressed, wealthy and well connected (or at least he convinces you of that) you are befriended by him. He has it all, and is either a spy, in the Mob, whatever will impress you, that is something he must keep a secret.
      Then the ones or one he is working with Person B, comes on the scene down the road, whatever you have going in your life, is threatened by person or persons B, who are somehow above the law, master criminals, mobsters, Fake IRS, whatever they need to get you where you are weakest, and would not go to the cops.
      You have a threat and no way to save yourself.
      Then a miracle, Person B, the one you admire who is so cool and powerful, comes to your rescue. He eliminates the problem you could not resolve easily with no effort because he has powers.
      But really because it is all a setup and the “good Guy” and the “bad Guy” are working you the Mark.
      You have something of value they want to relieve you of.
      It is a Con.
      Suddenly this Person A is your best pal. He takes you to places you would never as a drab boring person have gone before. You feel as cool and dangerously mysterious as he is in his company. It feeds the person’s EGO, to have this friend. Suddenly with this friend, he is also a really cool and powerful person as well, just by having this new friend.
      Then after the honeymoon period is over, and the friendship is sealed, trust and confidence established, and dependency on person A acquired.
      The part 2 of the con begins:
      He cuts you in on a deal, or he gets in trouble and needs your help, and you owe him, whatever way they want to play it. Because he saved you once, made your life so much more interesting and fun, and made you feel like “somebody” like him, Mr. Cool, you get tangled up and have total trust and confidence in this “Confidence Man”.
      It is a confidence scheme, a confidence game, a con.
      If he says lend me 100, 000, $$$, until such-and-such I am in a bind, and you do not want to lose this great “valuable” Friend or the new lifestyle he is sharing with you.
      You have no idea the Value he claims to be to you is all fake and a scam.
      You owe him and trust him and give it to him.
      Sometimes they drag it on more and more $$$ to get out of a jam. He will have it after he gets out of the jam, and needs it badly.
      Sometimes you get stung just once and he is gone for good.
      It just matters how long they can string you along. If you are stupid they will take all you have and then vanish with all of it.
      That is what the WEF and the WHO and the MEDIA stories about the good guys Musk, De Santis, Trump, Tate, Greta, Putin, and now “good” pedophiles are all about: They need someone to play Person A.
      They are person/persons B.
      It is a set up.
      If they promote it, or fake it, they are the enemies of the WEF/NWO etc. It is a set up. They own the mainstream media, and even of course some of the fake truth alternative media, like Alex Jones, who is also just a ‘person A’.
      Mother Miriam is a person A.
      They find people aware of the truth and will mislead them away, adding lies to the truth, controlling the truth.
      They provide the stories that give you the “confidence” they need to work their other confidence men, or women, against you.
      Don’t be an easy Mark. Stop being stupid. They want to Take everything you have left that they have not already stolen from you. They want you to hand it over to them, by being tricked into believing one of them is your best friend ever. They are Laughing their asses off at you suckers all the time.
      It is your own fault for being so trusting.
      Easily Trusting is an attribute of an easy Mark
      They may not just want $$$, it may be a favor, a crime, even Murder.
      You may trust them enough to end up a “lone gunman”, or a school shooter.
      Or a patsy convinced to show up at the scene with plenty of evidence and take the heat for crimes they committed, maybe even after being told it was their time to play the role of a hero, and they trusted, their person A was telling them the truth.
      And they just wanted to be a real hero, in their person A’s eyes, so they would not leave them. They were coned. It is how they get things done.
      It is what these con artists think Being smart and clever is.
      It makes them feel “superior”. They believe their Mark is inferior and stupid and therefore deserves it. But that is not how God sees it. Everyone has a final Judgement Day, when the truth comes out, and it will determine where you have gone in your life, up or down, and that is where you will go after you die.

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