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American JEW Namers Name The JEWS In City Council

    CANST – Children Are NOT Sex Toys / GMNo! – June 9th, 2023

    American JEW Namers Name The JEWS In City Council

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    VfB told you all that ‘ashekenazi IQ’ was a bloody hoax – this is NOT the work of anyone with brains

    American JEW Namers Name The JEWS In City Council HAHA, THIS IS EPIC STUFF! Fantastic teamwork! Ryan Messano teams up with three other Americans. Quite literally “Oy vey, shut it down”, the real-life version. ℹ At least one of the members in this Walnut Creek City Council is Jewish which explains what you see. A special thanks to the based American Jew namers: @RyanMessano1, @Mr_BigBalls, @JeffreyErikPerrine and one more guy who wishes to remain unnamed. Also a special thanks to @foundring for the music I used. Join If you are American and willing to join these guys in helping to save America, please let me know in the comment section or DM me and I will refer you. The guys need support and you will absolutely love it. When your kids ask you in the future what you did to save America, what are you going to say? Nothing? Or that you actually did something? Whether small or big, wherever it ends up, everything counts.

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    Yeah you know this is normal as well ⁣ [Quick+add+from+VfB:+I+purport+that+this+is+a+version+of+the+church+scene+from+Kingsmen+and+The+Dark+Knight+-+if+youve+been+following+me+for+a+bit,+you+know+what+Im+getting+at,+frens+]

    ⁣THE PANDEMIC TRUTH: Learn how Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Tedros Ghebreyesus, Christian Drosten, Alex Azar, Ralph Baric, Peter Daszak, Klaus Schwab, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, BlackRock along with governments and politicians used a false Pandemic to declare war on humanity. The Pandemic was planned years in advance to achieve many objectives. Through live pandemic exercises such as Event 201 they would be able in lockstep to create a fraudulent pandemic worldwide in every country on earth. The pandemic was never about public health, it was about achieving several goals. Though the virus was dangerous, it was no more dangerous than the flu and could be treated with safe early treatments such as Ivermectin, vitamin D, C, Zinc and other early treatment methods. Our governments around the world

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    1 thought on “American JEW Namers Name The JEWS In City Council”

    1. The Oligarchs are running the Biden show. They own Joe and Hunter.
      Who do you think the Oligarchs are? They have been the suppliers of children for adrenochrome, torture sex slaves and prostitution since the Bolshevik revolution. They are the highest Satanists at the top and that is how they got rich, from criminal enterprises with sourcing children for adrenochrome and drug dealing their biggest money makers. They supply Biden with money and his brain damaged son Hunter with drugs and underage girls. They set up a gay male prostitute & porn star, they used themselves as a figurehead to run Ukraine, named Zelensky. Now it is the adrenochrome and prostitution, drugs and organ harvesting capital of the world. They supply China and others with video of Hunter for blackmail. Onassis made his real money that way. He was the one who put the hit on JFK, so they could move all the satanic oligarch’s lucrative criminal and evil business enterprises into the US. They used the CIA to do it. They run the Russian khazarian mob and the Mossad.

      Once you are in it, (satanism) there is no way out. Ronald Bernard, a former elite Dutch banker, left the illuminati (top tier of satanism run by Luciferians) but they tortured him and broke his back doing it. He suffered horrors in order to leave. Most just stay rather than end up dead, imprisoned or worse.

      The entire bolshevik revolution and the Chinese as well was a satanic takeover of those 2 nations. They were both consecrated in blood to Lucifer, and from there they want to take the entire world next in WW3.

      These satanist control everyone and take away everyone’s freedom. Including that of their own fellow satanists. America was once a free nation, until the jews killed JFK and took over, and brought in the adrenochrome, drugs porn sex tardes and all the filthy disgusting industries that satanist jews get rich off of. Now we are one nation under Luciferians, and no one is free or safe from these demonic jews anymore.

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