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A Letter to WEF

    Truthstream Media – March 30th, 2023

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    4 thoughts on “A Letter to WEF”

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    2. The humans beings on earth are the enemies of all life around them, some more than others, the WEF/jews/illuminati who are not actually human, some less than others, those who just go along with TPTB, and those who are against TPTB, but all humans are deeply flawed, and the truth that is obvious and evident, is that: evolution is not going on here on earth.
      If it was, you would coexist peacefully with one another and the earth, your environment, the ecosystem.
      You are out of sink and out of harmony with the natural world of LIFE God created.
      You are all more suited for a world of Hell where there is only death and destruction of all life.
      You are killers, not creators.
      Science and technology is your God. All Science and technology is lethal, poisonous and deadly to LIFE, especially your medical science.
      You break all the laws of God and all the laws of creation.
      God who knows the truth is aware of that, and eventually he must end this charade and dispose of all the humans who have devolved and continue devolving lower and lower.
      Humans make this world filthy ugly, hideous and unlivable.
      This world would be so beautiful and perfect if no humans existed on earth.
      Empathy, compassion, Love and truthfulness are not even on the list of things that gratify human egos.
      Human beings are gratified by being in control, manipulation of others and sadism.
      What you find in jewish contrived movies/videogames and the despicable, demonic, so-called art and music of today, is what you prefer over what exists in Heaven, in the many heavenly realms above earth.
      Few, if any have or are evolving higher into the image of God, peace, truth, love, oneness and total equality.
      The majority are made in the image of all that God is in reverse: what gratifies their egos is doing what is satanic AKA what is acceptable in Hell and NOT EVER allowed to occur in Heaven.
      The time for Humanity to change is growing short.
      Mary the mother of God, Her son and Jesus Christ, are your only supporters in the universe.
      They can only keep the hope for your souls to evolve higher for so long.
      The rest of the Universe is appalled and disgusted by earth humans.
      You are at the point where all your devolution is leading to: complete destruction of the earth itself.
      You have been given extra time to change.
      That time will soon run out.
      What you do to each other and the animals and the ecosystem, the life-killing activities and science and technology, and what you ridiculously call modern progress, is the path you are all on: the path to eternal Hell. Why? because if you existed in Heaven, it would immediately become a Hell.
      You are made more in the image and likeness of the devil, which is your EGO.
      You have separated from your souls: the image and likeness of God.
      By your own free will choices.
      You are all putting yourselves in HELL.
      It will be billions of years if any, if you ever have the opportunity for evolution again.
      You were once perfect and flawless.
      The fallen angels of Hell came here long ago, and after they destroyed their own world and made it a HELL, they did things to you. The same things the WEF, WHO, the NWO, under the minions of the fallen angels, the jews want to do to you now again.
      If you allow it. If you do not do what Hitler showed you to do, which was not what the jews say he did at all.
      To contain that evil influence that has made you all rotten and degraded you into total degeneracy and depravity, to refuse their influence and power over you=their money system=the private owned jewish banks. You are all going down below earth to a horrible place, where you will become soulless demons and continue to devolve.
      You are the last generation. and evolution has still not occurred.
      The WEF, the WHO, the NWO, the jews are what you embrace, without knowing it. You have given the devil his power over you. They are what all of you will become eventually. 100% soulless, ego driven depraved psychopaths with no empathy, compassion, love, or consciences. They are satanic demonic monsters.
      Is that what you really want?
      There is no limit to the evil they are capable of doing to all life around them.
      They HATE and they FEAR and need control of everything.
      They do not have God in them, God is in the soul, and they do not have souls.
      There is no truth in them. They are lunatics, irrational and irresponsible and illogical, as much as they pretend to be otherwise. They have one power alone: to do evil: to destroy life.
      They even hate themselves and each other.
      Seek God and to know his LOVE. Be truthful and peaceful and do good to all life around you.
      Imitate Christ. Stop imitating the antichrist jews.
      Be instruments of God to bring and to do goodness in this world.
      If you don’t or can’t, you will all be cast out just like the fallen angels were cast out of heaven for eternity.

    3. If only you would eliminate hate. If you would instead LOVE each other and care for one another and all life, animals and the earth, then it would all change. If you evolve, you get a second chance.
      If you have a truthful and loving family,no dark hidden deception and secrets and hate, if you have GOD and love God and know His love for you, only then God’s plan for you takes place.
      Your lives become beautiful. You receive gifts from God.

      If you have broken and unhappy families where there is division, hate and cruelty, dark secrets, no truth, honesty, or LOVE, and no love of God, or knowledge of His love for you, the same family falls to ruin and destruction.

      The same is true of your governments, your societies, your cultures. Unless you are unified and have knowledge of the LOVE of God, and love one another as God loves you and are truthful, compassionate, empathetic and kind, and NEVER hate, never use violence or cruelty or control over one another, then your societies cultures will be truly civilized and evolve higher and you will be accepted back into the heavenly realms above. You will have paradise. That includes not being predator over the animals, being caregivers of the animals and the earth and the ecosystem, you must love the earth not degrade it and destroy it. Only then will you escape eternal Hell. You must cast out the soulless, godless, evil ones, the fallen angels, the jew world order= the illuminati/bankers wealthy/royals=the jews to do it. It is what is done in the higher realms. What is rotten falls, it is cast out. The way Hitler saved Germany and made it thrive. That is the only possible hope you have right now.

    4. truth giving spirit

      Here is a simple test, to know if you are evolving to a higher level, into a more angelic being, like the ones who live in Heaven, where no evil exists;or have been digressing/devolving into a lower level,l into a soulless psychopath.
      When a terrible act of evil, cruelty, violence or abuse, happens to you against your will, by someone who is evil, (thinks they are superior like the demonic beings of the WEF) you will do one of 2 things.
      Those evolving, immediately think they want to protect all others from such evil, and they learn from that evil how to identify evil, and not be the same. They learn what is wrong and also what is right: never imposing evil sadistic cruelty or abuse on another living being. Their conscience/soul develops, higher standards of behavior. They perceive good from evil.
      If you are devolved and devolving, and you are mistreated in any way, you develop the wish to become more powerfully evil than the perpetrator. You see evil as the right of the more powerful against the weaker and more helpless (the pyramid mentality of the WEF/evil and demonic).
      You seek retribution and vengeance against them in even more sadistic and cruel ways.
      You see might as right, and the survival of the fittest as evolution higher. But that is actually devolution, lower. The evil demonic ones of the WEF/illuminat/NWO and all jews think that way. they are psychopaths from birth. They have no souls. You must have asoul and a conscience to evolve and get to heaven, for the gentiles it means to get back to heaven, where you once existed, before the fallen angels now demons of the WEF WHO, and the NWO came and tampered with your DNA. Back in the times of Atlantis.
      You have this one time opportunity to unite as one in oneness and know the power of God’s unlimited LOVE, and the TRUTH, or you can continue to divide against one another in a 2 eyes for an eye, type of vengeance and hate pyramid type of mindset: the “Top Down Dominance” type of mentality of the jews, elite and their gods the Illuminati, who are not human, they are the fallen angels of Hell in human bodies.
      They live in a lie that evil is good and good is evil, and more wicked and vile evil is better than a lesser evil.
      They hate themselves, they hate everything and life itself. They hate Jesus and God most of all

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