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911 In Plane Site – The Directors Cut

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    Evidence presented of the largest cover-up in modern day history, examines the events of 9/11, particularly the wreckage at the Pentagon. Was the damage really caused by a 757, or something else? Photographic evidence suggests not.

    Did explosives collapse the World Trade Center? Firefighters tell their stories.

    Were there explosives aboard UA Flight 175?

    See frame-by-frame video analysis.

    Examine the evidence for yourself.

    1 thought on “911 In Plane Site – The Directors Cut”

    1. I watched the video. Not once, but multiple times since it was released. Americans wouldn’t be so patriotic if not for 9/11. Why were the Saudis told to get their people out days before the event? Why, to this day, do the Taliban not claim responsibility?

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