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24-Year-Old Hockey Player Dies After Suffering Cardiac Arrest During Game

    Paul Joseph Watson – November 4th 2021, 11:12 am

    Boris Sádecký tragically dies in hospital after intensive care treatment.

    24-year-old Slovak hockey player Boris Sádecký has tragically died after collapsing on the ice during a match on Friday.

    Sádecký, a professional player for the Bratislava Capitals, was announced dead after reportedly suffering a cardiac arrest.

    He was placed in intensive care but subsequently died in hospital.

    Professor and heart disease expert Dr. Joel Kahn M.D. posted a link to the story on Twitter.

    “Sudden deaths of athletic 24-year-olds is perfectly normal. Now,” commented one respondent.

    According to reports, Sádecký’s family expressed the wish that no further information be disclosed about his death.

    It is not known if Sádecký had taken the vaccine, or if his collapse was linked to any complications related to the jab.

    However, there have been innumerable high profile collapses and deaths of young athletes in recent months.

    Barcelona footballer Kun Aguero had to be withdrawn early from a recent game after complaining of dizziness and chest pain.

    It was subsequently reported that Aguero had suffered a heart arrhythmia and will be out of action for three months after undergoing a “cardiological evaluation.”

    28-year-old Icelandic midfielder Emil Palsson was also airlifted to hospital after he collapsed on the pitch after just 12 minutes of a game.

    A statement from the club said he was “successfully resuscitated” after suffering a “cardiac arrest.”

    Denmark footballer Christian Eriksen also collapsed and suffered a cardiac arrest while playing for Denmark at Euro 2020.

    28-year-old bodybuilder Jake Kazmarek also died “unexpectedly” four days after taking the jab.

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