Jim_Crenshaw – December 9th, 2021

Source: bootcamp. Child experienced high fever, 99.5 fever along with other side effects including body pains, chills, headaches for several days.

Additionally child experienced acute onset new symptoms including extremely elevated anxiety, nonstop worries and fears, irrational thoughts, OCD thoughts and behaviors, separation anxiety, lying on couch under a blanket for hours and scared of the entire world, requiring nonstop reassurance, unable to function with virtual school or focus and had to be removed from school for the remainder of the school year, restricted eating and fears to eat , psychosis, inability to complete daily functions, severe sleep disruption and lack of sleep, challenges showering, dressing and bathing self, repetitive speech, blank stares, dilated pupils, electric like jolts of pain sensation in his brain and head, crying and emotional, anger outbursts and aggression, tingling in all of his limbs, tics and other neurological symptoms, need for significant medical treatment from three specialists/ doctors including neurology/ immunology/ pediatrician and ER visit and many labs for the last five months plus.

Needed to have significant special education support and IEP in place upon return from school and 1:1 case manager and much assistance from staff to function daily.


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