STRANGER THAN FICTION NEWS Published September 20, 2022

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jeff sells · 21 September 2022 at 9:34 AM

Who exposed this mess so as you and others could tell the world! Operation warp speed wasn’t bout just a vaccine,I’d be happy to tell you more, it was bout not being locked down for 10 years. DJT never mandated anything,has matter fact he suggested other CURES. This mess you see is the fix for 100 years neglect by the people! We want let this happen for years to come! The bankers are at the end of controling us. The whore is dead time to reset States United of America back on the Constitution! Jan6 was many things. Trump did what he did for the country! Easy to be a Monday morning quarter back! DJT and we the people win, God wins We won! Evil will be defeated! God bless but your wrong on trump!

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