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ZEROTIME – Why Australian Politicians Hide Their Ties to the World Economic Forum

    Zeee Media Published August 24, 2022

    This week we delve deeper into the sinister plan behind the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) ‘Great Reset’, exposing the deeply anti-human statements made by leaders in the transhumanist agenda – Klaus Schwab and Yuval Noah Harari, as well as the Australian parties that simply refuse to disclose their ties to this clearly dangerous organisation.

    We’re joined by Senator Alex Antic for further commentary on the WEF and Australia’s involvement, as well as how he plans on holding politicians accountable.

    Dr. Chris Neil, President of AMPS also joins us for an update on how Australian doctors are continuing to fight back against organisations such as AHPRA which are making it increasingly impossible for doctors to honour the Hippocratic Oath.

    ZEROTIME was born out of a desperate need for the truth in Aussie news. For too long, the mainstream media has been lying to the Australian people. Zeee Media commits to bringing you the truth every Wednesday night at 8PM, highlighting key issues the world is facing, how it affects our country and the dangers to our democracy.

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