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ZEROTIME: Holding Politicians Accountable, Call for Neutrality in the Face of War & Tax Payer Funded Grooming

    mariazeee Published October 19, 2022

    This week we’re joined by Dr. Philip Altman to discuss holding Australian politicians accountable in light of the fact that plausible deniability is no longer possible, particularly given the recent admission from a Pfizer representative in the EU Parliament of what we knew all along – the COVID-19 injections do not stop transmission.

    The Aussie Cossack also joins us to discuss a ‘Call for Neutrality’, and the reasons why Australia should remove themselves from the firing line of nuclear war immediately.

    We also cover a new wave of predatory behavior aimed at sexualising Australian children.

    ZEROTIME was born out of a desperate need for the truth in Aussie news. For too long, the mainstream media has been lying to the Australian people. Zeee Media commits to bringing you the truth every Wednesday night at 8PM, highlighting key issues the world is facing, how it affects our country and the dangers to our democracy.

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