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You want Freedom? Well here’s some Freedom for you SLAVE! You must OBEY!

    Rebel News reports police making a dramatic arrest at the Convoy to Canberra protest on Tuesday March 29, 2022

    Thanks to Rebel News and montepowel123 for posting this video on Bitchute

    How often do we need to see this type of behaviour coming from our loving and caring government, before we all stand up and say ENOUGH! Since when, has this become the ‘norm’ and somehow deemed acceptable in a ‘civilised’ society? Time and again we see the ‘police’ brutally attack, injure and arrest peaceful people. This is absolutely disgusting and an inexcusable way to treat your fellow man. These order-followers/poli-protector/thugs and their tyrannical owners need to be held accountable for what they’ve done to the great people of Australia.

    It seems that protesting for your freedom in Australia is not acceptable and you will more than likely be beaten and hand-cuffed. You will also most likely be charged for the crimes of resisting to be beaten and hand-cuffed and/or refusing to obey unlawful commands from your owners and/or refusing to be treated like a piece of crap, but if you would like to support the globalist funded Black Lives Matter protests, our government and their automaton, goon-squad will most certainly accommodate and support you and will even take a knee and bow to your virtue signalling.

    Some of these freedom-loving protesters have travelled thousands of kilometres to Canberra to make a stand and have their voices heard. They care about the health, safety and future of their families and most importantly, their children. They care enough to even fight for the freedoms of the people that attack and abuse them. There are many who have lost their jobs, their homes and some have even been outcast from their immediate families, all because they refused to comply with the tyrannical government vaccine mandates. They are from all walks of life with the vaxxed and unvaxxed peacefully protesting together in Canberra since February, for the right of every single Australian to have the freedom to decide for themselves whether or not to be jabbed with some kind of patented, synthetic, experimental mRNA poison concoction for a proclaimed ‘covid virus’, with not one sample ever being scientifically isolated and provided for independent scientific analysis anywhere in the world……..EVER!

    It simply does not exist, has never existed and was a globalist pre-planned de-population operation that has been years in the making. Don’t believe me. Don’t take my word for it. Research:  Lock Step, Event 201, The Great Reset, Dr. David Martin, Dr. Robert Malone etc.

    These so-called ‘anti-vaxxers’, are also standing up for basic fundamental human rights. The right to enter hospitals, child-care centres, supermarkets, restaurants, etc, without the need to provide private, confidential medical ‘papers’/vaccine passport, wear a face diaper, scan a QR Code or have a temp. gun aimed at your forehead like some kind of product being scanned at a check-out, and the right to work and put food on the table without the need to be tested, checked, masked and jabbed and the whole process repeated on a regular basis.

    There is no denying that the ‘vaccines’ are the leading cause of ‘covid-related’ hospitalisations (with 9 out of 10 patients hospitalised being the vaccinated). These protestors with their ‘outrageous claims’ and ‘conspiracy theories’ have now most certainly been vindicated as we are now constantly seeing ‘sudden’ deaths and ‘vaccine’ related injuries skyrocket since they were first forced upon the populations of the world.

    These protests are not just isolated to Australia, but are happening every single day in all countries around the world that have also sold-out to the globalists and Big Pharma. You will never see these protests on the news/television or on any online mainstream publication. Why? Because they are scared that once you realise that you’re not alone in this fight and get off your knees and stand up, it is game-over for them. It’s now high-time that we all (especially the vaxxed, that should be leading these protests) unite and stand together as brothers and sisters of this world and demand an end to ALL mandates and the ability for any government (federal or state) to have the ability to enact any ‘state of emergency act’ upon the people ever again. We the People can decide for ourselves what’s best for us and our families. Unfortunately for the government, whatever miniscule amount of trust that some people may have had in you, has now most certainly evaporated and you are to NEVER be trusted again.

    The governments need to be reminded, that We the People, pay these government parasites with our taxes to protect our freedoms. If that is beyond their capability then, just like with any other type of employment, if they can’t do their job then they will be axed. (Maybe in more ways than one)

    Why do we even need them? Would we even notice if the politicians, bureaucrats and govt. agencies no longer existed? Would we actually notice any difference in our day to day lives? It’s an interesting thought.

    It does seem however that our tyrannical overlords have allowed us some freedom. You do have the freedom to decide, and the right to choose for yourself how you would like to die. They were gracious enough to allow us two choices. Option 1: You can become a patented globalist owned human chattel property (transhuman) where the government injects you with a MAC address (Your very own serial number YAY!) with which they wirelessly monitor and control you (See ID2020), just by simply playing russian-roulette with the never-ending, experimental mRNA clot-shots or, Option 2: You can simply starve to death. Either way, this is commonly referred to as genocide or democide.

    Do you use a fake passport to enter business premises? By doing so, you are part of the problem. Do you honestly believe that the government does not know about these fake passports? If anything, it helps with their programming and ‘conditioning’ of the masses to accept this as being some kind of ‘normal’ upon entry to any type of establishment. If we simply stopped using them this would all end, or where it is a policy of a particular establishment and if we just said “NO” and went elsewhere, where it is not enforced, it would simply end, as businesses that enforce that policy will either have to stop enforcing that policy or go broke. Think about it. The sooner we stop using these slave control mechanisms, the sooner these mandates end.

    I believe that the government sees us as stupid slaves and it shows, with how we’re treated. But they have seriously under-estimated the Australian people. No-one likes to be made a fool of, lied to or conned, especially by so-called medical ‘experts’ (that you’ve never heard of) from the government or mainstream media, and that is the impression that many intelligent, critical-thinking, Australians now have, and are now coming to the realisation that there is something quite nefarious going on with all this covid crap. We’re sick to death of the mainstream media gas-lighting us and telling us what to think, how to think and what is true and what isn’t. People are awakening to the realisation that they’ve been lied to this whole time and that there is something that just doesn’t quite ‘sit right’ and ‘ring true’ and are now turning off their televisions and starting to question the narrative that has been forced upon us all for over the past two years and have begun to research for themselves as to what is really going on.

    We can peacefully end ALL mandates immediately with Civil Non-Compliance. Just stop complying with their mandates, and it ends tomorrow. Stop testing yourself with the (poison-infused) RAT test. (Surely you don’t need a test to determine if you’re sick or not.) Stop wearing a face nappy. Stop scanning the stupid QR codes. Stop showing your ridiculous ‘vaccine passport’, and stop getting the deadly jabs/boosters.

    Most importantly, Think for yourself and Question EVERYTHING! Peace.

    See below how the mainstream media spin this story and how they portray peaceful protestors.

    The other thing to note is the intentionally downgraded quality of the video. This is standard protocol when the video does not suit the narrative. Check out the above video to compare.

    Dramatic video shows police violently SMASH the window of a truck-driving anti-vaccination activist as officers try to stop a protest convoy

    By Ashlea Knickel For Daily Mail Australia

    Published: 17:26 AEDT, 29 March 2022 | Updated: 18:23 AEDT, 29 March 2022

    • Convoy to Canberra driver was arrested after a police officer broke his window
    • The protest driver had reportedly failed to comply with a random breath check
    • About 100 stragglers from massive protests in February have stayed in Canberra
    • It follows an incident last week where anti-vax protesters harassed a bus driver

    A police officer smashed the window of a ‘freedom convoy‘ driver after the truckie refused to follow directions.

    Twitter account @KenBehren shared a video on Tuesday that showed a large group of protesters in Canberra making their way down Commonwealth Avenue before being stopped by police. 

    The video shows the truck driver inching his vehicle towards police officers who were standing in its way.

    The incident then comes to a head when the driver makes a larger advance towards an officer.

    Another policeman can then be seen to approach the truck and smash the driver’s side window with a large baton.

    Immediately afterwards protesters began to swarm around the truck as the officer unlocked the truckie’s door and handcuffed him.  

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