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You’ll never guess what happened to my Bible at LAX!


    @francescagruscio You’ll never guess what happened to my #Bible at LAX! 👀💥 #christiantiktok #Prophecy #FORDfortheBuilders ♬ Metamorphosis (Longer Version) v2 – Danilo Stankovic

    3 thoughts on “You’ll never guess what happened to my Bible at LAX!”

    1. Buy a chocolate bar, take the foil wrapping and tear it into the shape of a cross, or angel or the head of Jesus. Slip it between the pages or better still, the inside of the cover. It will drive them crazy.
      If you want to miss your flight, do the above but tear it into the shape of a handgun.

    2. Many many times, when a building burns down, the bible or religious items do not burn with it, they are the only things left un-burned. It has happened all through history. It happened to my neighbor, she told everyone. The women who were paid to go through the house after it burned, and clean it up, found in the area where he fire started, her 2 bibles, everything else near then some books, were burned. She told me the story and said to me “now I believe”.
      Likewise, after earthquakes and tornadoes and other disasters, one or 2 houses will be left in perfect condition,because the people there believed.
      If you have a soul, you are a part of God, you know he exists.
      Anyone who is an atheist, has no soul. They can’t know or feel God because God is part of your soul. Your soul is ONE with GOD who created it for you. Anyone who has no soul, does not know there is a God, and they are under the possession and control of the evil one. When you lose your soul, the devil has you forever. Evolution higher can only happen from God in your soul. The more love and truth/light in your soul, the more evolved you are, and life’s purpose and reason is to evolve higher, to become more light and greater love. Life everlasting. The physical reality has one purpose a school to become more evolved=spiritually, for when you die in flesh and return to the real world the spirit
      world of heaven.
      That is why they the devil, now at the end of his time on earth 2023, is working fast and furiously to put the digital ID into everyone and kill their souls. The micro or nano chips in the brain does the same, even the vaccines and all the devil poisons called medicines destroy the holy spirit in your body.
      They make you attract demons into your bodies.
      God did not make any disease. Demons possessing your bodies make you diseased.
      Christ healed by removing demons for people’s bodies and he alone can heal you.
      The first thing catholic exorcists do is remove all Disney items from a home.
      Everything they make, the music, the movies, the TV shows and the GMO foods, put demons in you.
      That is why the time at the end will be so horrible, so you will return to God.
      Do not accept the mark and the false promises of the devil/antichrist, only God can save you.
      The demons will be expelled when you have to fast, when there is no food.
      Fasting and prayer removes demons as Christ tells us in the bible.
      When the first Nuclear bombs hell on Hiroshima in Japan, there were 7 German Jesuit Priests there who were devoted to the sacred heart of Mary. They were unscathed, no trace of the nuclear blast was in them and they were at the epicenter of that blast. Scientists tested them, no one knew why, except the Priests, they were devoted to Mary, Mother of God and she protected them,
      At the end that is coming, she is our only protection. She will crush the head of satan.
      A new and better world is coming after that, beyond anything you could imagine, the joy and happiness you will feel is beyond any words that exist now. Only those who keep their souls and resist the temptations of the devil demonic jew world order will get to that new world, new earth, new bodies and peace, Love and light/understanding of the truth, again. Jews have no souls, they are not of God. They are of their father the devil. Since you welcomed in the devil and believed the devils lies, you have emulated them and made yourselves in the image of the devil and are now far from God. They convinced you they were good and good is evil. You accepted and allowed the devil and his freemasonry to corrupt and destroy your souls. Now is the end of the devils power her on earth, power you gave him. Return to God and save your souls before it is too late. Only those who know that Jesus Christ returned as Hitler to fight the devil and the jews are the devils soulless minions, only those who have the light of truth in them, will keep their souls. Be wiser than serpents. Love God again, the devils have made you HATE God, and that is what they do. They DEFAME all that is of God and try to replace God with themselves and their worship of evil, of their father the devil who controls them completely as slaves. They are the synagogue of satan. God gives us free will, only the devil will impose his will on you. God would never do that. It is against the laws of creation. It is the worst offence against God to dominate and control other life. The jews and the devil seek that alone and always, know them by their fruit. Whatever they sell to you convince you to buy, all their lies, all their poisons, will destroy you souls, and take you from God and his love forever. Covid should have been a lesson, that teaches you to never trust the devil again.

    3. God gave you souls
      and the devil jews have no God and no souls. They hate Jesus.
      They seek and worship only the MONEY and POWER to destroy your souls.

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