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You Can’t Make This UP!!! Even Ukraine’s RED CROSS Is Taping Children To Poles In Lvov!

December1991 – March 13th, 2023

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Money Laundering Footage

1 thought on “You Can’t Make This UP!!! Even Ukraine’s RED CROSS Is Taping Children To Poles In Lvov!”

  1. The Red cross is an illuminati organization that does the exact opposite of what it professes to do.
    All illuminati organizations do the opposite of what they say.
    When they tell you to eat bugs and own nothing, they are just destructing you from their true even more evil plans, they are already carrying out.
    The black out coming, and all un-natural and natural disasters and wars are “covers” so they can get children and victims for their satanic rituals and add then to the “death tolls or claim them as “collateral damage’.
    They have gotten away with so much because you think they are good and reputable and you fund them like idiots. Even Cancer research is a scam. They will never cure any disease.
    All disease comes for their poisons, not what they tell you it comes from.
    They don’t cure any disease they just give poisons as cures.
    They put it in your food and the air and your teeth.
    They have been doing it since back in the middle ages, when the jews used mercury as their first “medicine”. They did it, and the jews created what is now called modern allopathic medicine, during the inquisitions. Which only occurred when marrano fake Christian jews became popes.
    The inquisitions where when they killed off all the healers, who used natural means to cure.
    Every jew knows that. But they do not tell the gentiles that truth.
    They only lie an scheme and con you all. You never catch on.
    You are being punished because you chooes Lucifer’s science: that is KILLING this world and all life on it with POISONS made by jews. All your technology is POISONOUS to all life.
    You worship and believe in the jews and their fake make us God science.
    You have abandoned God who is the creator.
    The jews are one thing only: DESTROYERS OF LIFE.
    They HATE, they lie and they KILL like all people who join them and support them and believe their lies, they are on the only path possible for such evil people: eternal Hell.
    Anyone who is with them in any way is also guilty for all their crimes against LIFE on this EARTH.
    During the black out people will begin to vanish and disapear. it is Project POGO and ZYPHR.
    Because there was no consequences to the jews for their Covid jab genocide, no charges of mass murder.
    That was a TEST. The devil was testing you.
    His next plan is even worse.

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