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You Are NOT Going To Believe This One…

    Memology 101 – March 4th, 2023

    The Arizona school board is an absolute joke.

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    2 thoughts on “You Are NOT Going To Believe This One…”

    1. The truth is this: the obvious truth.
      There are people in this world who are dark, souls, or have no souls at all.
      These individuals are ugly and repulsive, to people who are of Light and love and have souls.
      They often get rejected sexually because no one with a soul of light and love wants to be with someone with a hideous spirit, more compatible with beings from Hell, that also have and ugly and depraved spirit.
      Some of these types, and most jews, also get rejected by prostitutes in brothels who cringe when they walk in and hide from them. Often they are told not to ever come back as well.
      David Jewish Rockefeller, was one like that. Even with all his money, no one wanted him.
      He became fixated on his neighbor in Maine, Martha Stewart. Even though she had previously been married to a jew (‘Stewart’ she is Polish), She rejected him.
      He set her up to be prosecuted for insider trading, and she went to Jail because she rejected him.
      These types who have no love or goodness in them form an alliance and have formed their own sexual proclivities that have NOTHING to do with attraction or love and commitment.
      They engage in all kinds of fetishes and role playing scenarios.
      Each one of them is always either a TOP (sadist) or a BOTTOM (masochist) in these strange activities straight out of Hell, that they call sex. That has nothing to do with family marriage or Love and procreation.
      They only want marriage for the MONEY, tax brakes and work benefits that only go to married people.
      They even adopt children for the TAX breaks, and sometimes to torment them and pimp them out.
      Or make Child porn.
      These psychos, are harmful to all life around them. They practice satanism.
      Satanism is any activity, that is only allowed and acceptable in HELL and never in Heaven.
      Just like all the things that are totally Jewish.
      Abortion, obsession with sex and breaking every one of God’s 10 commandments and calling that evil “good”.
      These narcissistic, liars and phony fake frauds, pretend they are victims, however, they are not.
      They are more likely to victimize others.
      They are so nasty that they have formed a new brand of what they call sex, where being repulsive and perverted and ugly, is passed off as beautiful, within their little group. Finally they are wanted and can find partners willing to be with them in that secret and sick group.
      It alleviates their feelings of rejection among normal people.
      They are elevated to higher status within those groups, that are like satanic all cults, no different.
      They perform S&M, B&D, humiliation,genital mutilation and torture. Some are into poop and pee and ingesting it. Some do things to dogs and animals that are illegal and animal cruelty.
      They make a mockery out of what it is to be female and male.
      They are deranged and need to just face the truth of who and what they are.
      Instead they live in a fantasy world, that makes gives them delusions of being desirable when they are not.
      There are sadist who will make them feel desirable if they allow that sadist to do unspeakable tortures to them, while they wear silly leather outfits and odd costumes that make them feel they are no longer ugly and repulsive. These are deranged lunatics living in a world of insane delusions.
      Sadly many Mental health professionals are also some of these people.
      I happen to know of a very well respected Psychiatrist who likes to be a slave to a dominatrix.
      He is Jewish of course. The dominatrix he has been seeing for years, and he pays her is one of the Staten Island Mob wives. These people go to orgies and they have their own S&M fetish bondage clubs, where they parade around in their silly costumes feeling they are now somehow super stars and do sick things half naked or naked in front of one another. They are all mentally ILL.
      They are insane and many Bottoms, end up in mental hospitals for long term stays after having their type of sick sexual encounters.
      That is the TRUTH. There is no LOVE, it is all for EGO gratification. It is all a fantasy, delusional psychosis.

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