Jim Crenshaw – May 11th, 2022

I wonder how many she encouraged to get the shot? “Her perfectly healthy 30 year old friend collapsed and died of a heart attack”…I would say that the friend was not “perfectly healthy”.

I got a red enema for you lady. You are vaxed and because of that vaccination YOU are no longer healthy. You may be next. You are not awake yet but you may be permanently put to sleep soon. Here are her twitter posts, she is not there yet:
Ramsha Afridi
I’m vaccinated, but far too many people l know are complaining about side effects from the vaccine.
Also, just an hour ago, my perfectly healthy, 30 year old friend collapsed and died of a heart attack.
What the fuck is going on?
1:00 PM · May 6, 2022·Twitter for iPhone
One of my friends got severe tinnitus after the vaccine, she had to quit her job. Others have inconsistent periods and someone close to me had such severe chest pains that they had to call an ambulance.
It’s reasonable that there needs to be an inquiry in to the side effects.
9:12 AM · May 7, 2022·Twitter for iPhone
People should be able to do their own cost-benefit analysis. The vaccine is not “one size fits all”. For some people the vaccine could be harmless, but for others it may not be.
12:44 PM · May 8, 2022·Twitter for iPhone


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