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Woman Dragged from Car by Cops at Police Checkpoint

    A woman has shared dramatic footage of police pulling her from her car at a checkpoint in Victoria supposedly because she had her phone mounted on the dash. September 12, 2020

    UPDATED March 8, 2022 | Re-posted from Odysee due to YouTube terminating account

    A woman going through a police checkpoint in Victoria has shared dramatic footage of her being pulled from the car.

    Natalie Bonett shared the footage to her Facebook page, saying she was shaking and her blood was boiling after the incident.

    “While going through the Wallan checkpoint, as I usually do every single day and produce my license and permit, I was stopped before even entering the checkpoint and the police officer told me that it was against the law to have my phone on a car charger mount on my windshield to which I was in disbelief,” she said.

    “He then attempted to get into my vehicle at which I started recording.

    “They called for backup and had four police officers grab me by the legs and pull me out of my car and arrested me. While trying to cuff me they had their knees in my back and couldn’t breathe.”

    Ms Bonett said she was disgusted by what happened.

    “I am shaking, crying and in complete disbelief that I was treated this way,” she said.

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