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Why This 2% Group Makes Enemies

    Commando2022 – May 9th, 2023

    Zionists Want to Terminate Gab

    4 thoughts on “Why This 2% Group Makes Enemies”

    1. A simple and easy way to explain this world.
      Why did Jesus not save himself on the cross?
      Why did God not step in and save him?
      The answer is that his followers were supposed to do it, they were supposed to save him.
      Why did they not do it?

      They were not yet converted: on his/God’s side yet.
      Why were they also condemned and martyred as Christians later on?
      To convert to God’s side, to pay for that sin.

      They did not want to go against the Pharisees who were the tribe of Askenaz who ran the money system. The ones that Jesus cast out of the temple with a whip.
      The main reason they killed him was that, but also because they gave themselves to Satan as his instruments on this earth, at that time, the same deal that Satan tried to make with Jesus but he refused, was made to them thereafter, to gain all the money and wealth in the entire world but at the cost of their souls.
      They became his kings on earth, they were the first the Rothschild Bankers.
      Their allegiance to Satan made them their own God.
      The anskenaz accepted the deal to replace God with the DEVIL, Lucifer.
      When the jews speak of God, they speak of their own Gods, the fallen angels of Hell under their supreme God: Lucifer.
      When someone makes a deal such as that, selling their own soul, they become his, from the beginning and until the end of the GAME being played out on earth at this time.
      They become soulless and have no connection to God, from their first incarnation up until the time they make the deal to sell their souls. They become vessels of demonic beings of Hell only.
      They are no longer human beings. They are the higher level instruments, like the kings and queens in the chess game.
      However, they can no longer do anything on their own, they must use the other pieces on the chessboard who have souls to do their dirty work of the devil for them.
      The pieces on this chessboard are black and white, but they began as all the pieces.

      You human gentiles with souls are all white chess pieces on the board in this game.

      Let me explain the game.

      You do not begin as black pieces unless you are born of a jewish mother, or from the womb of a mother who is a psychopath at that time.
      You are all born on God’s team/side as white pieces up until you are 7 years old.
      Then you are given the temptations and difficulties, to change sides. To choose of your own free will who to serve, God or the devil.

      Once someone chooses to lose their soul, they go off the board and to eternal Hell.
      However, the bodies of these people will be possessed by demons and used to move the other pieces to convert to becoming instruments/pieces of the devil.

      They can only use SELFISHNESS, SIN, EGO, MONEY, LIES, FEAR and HATE, in other people, to carry out Lucifer’s moves on the chessboard in this GAME, the Game of life on earth.

      Once you become weakened enough by sin the devil can take you as his own black piece on the board. All freemasons and satanists are his pieces, and they have no free will once they become possessed. They are not in Hell unless they sell their souls or die before they convert back to a white piece.

      God and Lucifer do not do anything on the board, they sit God above and the devil below this earth which is the chessboard.

      When the board is mostly white pieces, the earth is beautiful, radiant and life-replenishing.
      It supplies all the necessary resources of life abundantly. The white pieces have guardian angels guiding them collaborating with them and God will answer their prayers.

      When the board is mostly black pieces, those who are under the control of the devil and do not obey God’s commands, the world becomes dark and the resources of life become less and less, disasters and cataclysm occur everywhere.

      God does not own any pieces, those who wish to be his pieces/instruments must do it of their own free will alone. They must reject EGO, they must value God and their own souls more than the templations of the devil: sin, ego, money, power over others, They must love God and want to serve him even at a cost to themselves. Once they do become his instruments they are happy and content and willing to do his will alone, no matter what. They become incapable of doing any wrong or harm to others. You will be given “graces” and angels to keep you safe and protected from any harm.

      God also has higher pisces, the kings and queens, and they were born on earth as humans. They can appear and bring messages to the other pieces, as Mary and Jesus and the angels and saints of heaven have done and still do in order to get pieces to convert. Such as Garabandal, Fatima and countless others, all over the world where there is the possibility of conversion.

      You must be the good God does on earth and you can only do GOOD, if you do it with God. As his instrument, obeying his commandments and guided by his will alone.

      The other pieces are less fortunate. Once you accept a tiny reward from the devil, it will not stop there. It never stops. The devil will keep expecting more and worse evil from you, and the demons will come, the ego and lies will overtake you and you become more insane and depraved over time, until you will never be happy except when you submit to the devil’s demands on you. You will be kept in mental and physical torment unless you obey the devils that possess you. You must work to make other pieces on the chessboard convert to the devil’s side.

      You must work to make this world like Hell and destroy anything that makes this world like heaven. You become a poison to life and poison all life around you and you only have money in order to use it to destroy everything good and of God, to destroy all life and all of the good side, God’s side and his presence in the world, and you do it for Lucifer, as his slave/instrument.

      You fear Lucifer and submit always to his will and never have any truth, peace or joy in your life.
      You begin to Hate life and hate others, especially the ones who have souls and are not in the deplorable torment that you must exist in. You are only given pleasure, or peace when you do the will of the evil one, and that is: the evil he is forcing you to do, sadistic and cruel evil.

      It begins with freemasonry, it begins in the many places that freemasonry controls such as all the religions. As a true example: A young boy is given a job to do renovating a building, by his church elders as a kindness, but he finds asbestos there and reports it back to these freemasonic elders.
      They then ask him to make a deal (with the devil) if he keeps quiet about it, then they will pay for his college education. He agrees, thinking that would be good. Selfishness is the doorway where the devil can enter. It may be good for him, but not for those who will live in that building.
      He has no idea that once you give a little to the evil one, the devil will continue to require more and more of it, by tempting you with more and more, until you end up selling your souls at the top of freemasonry. By becoming a chess piece on the board, under the control of the devil you do not always stay as a mere pawn. In this game of Chess, the pawns can rise up in rank and become knights, Bishops and eventually Kings and Queens. They can also go from a pawn to a King if they sell their souls. Only if they can become a useful one will the devil tempt them to become one. That is why there are ranks in freemasonry. Yes, some go right to the top, if they are the right fit for Lucifer’s purposes.

      Right now, God has very few pisces on the chess board.

      The world has never been so evil.

      He even appeared as a human born of a virgin mother again as Hitler, and Hilter was a King on that chessboard, but the bad pieces, the black pieces, outnumbered the white ones and he was defeated. Jesus was also with him, fighting for God to take the win.

      You never saw his body, because he was taken up by angels into heaven he did not die.

      But unlike the people who saw Jesus Crucified the people refused to convert to God after Hilter died. They did not recognize him as God. Instead they converted to the devil’s side.

      That is why this world is coming to an end now.

      You pieces/instruments on this earth when given the opportunity to choose, choose to serve the devil, rather than God. You do not serve God alone, at any cost, as the Saints have done. You can’t serve 2 masters. If you die and are allowed to reincarnate then you have another chance to play this game. If you have chosen to only serve the devil, and have not the will to serve God enough, you do not return, you can’t reincarnate you belong to the devil.
      You will only continue to make it possible for the devil to win this game if you return.
      You will only serve the devil more and God less if you return.
      So many go to a purgatory, if they served both.
      If you are incapable of ever serving God and completely agreeable to serving only Satan selfishly thinking it is Good for you Money and ego/pride, even if not for others, you go directly to Hell.
      Which is why all politicians, CEO’s bankers, military people, educators, news and entertainment media personalities, freemasons and allopathic doctors go to Hell when they die.
      They serve the devil as his most powerful pieces on the board.

      The meek shall inherit the world. Blessed are the poor. The people of peace shall be called the children of God. It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter Heaven. Money is the root of all evil. What does it profit a man to gain all the riches in the world if it is at the cost of his soul?

      God will clear this chessboard very soon, the game will end before the devil wins all. It is the devil’s job to cleanse the world of all evil so God can make it all start new. All his white pieces will be saved for the next game.

      It is a game that never ends. Just the same as house cleaning. The devil is like the janitor of the universe. He removes all the dirt and scum.
      The jews are the devil’s chess pieces that are like vacuum cleaners that suck up all those who serve satan as they do.
      If you allow the jews to do it, you have chosen to serve the devil as they do.
      They have human bodies, but ni souls, they are all just soulless bodies that are possessed by demons from Hell.

    2. The jews only flourish and take power when they are allowed into a nation.
      Allowed to be part of a society.
      Which is why they were always cast out.
      Once they are prevented from crucifying Christ over and over through the sinless gentile children under the age 7 in their adrenochrome rituals, they have no power. They have stopped serving the devil.
      From the time the jews won the world wars, they have been doing that and have become very powerful through their covenant with Satan to take Lucifer as their God.
      The freemasons who won those wars, gave the world and all its wealth to the 13th tribe the Ashkenaz, who serve the devil.
      Had Hitler won it would be a different world.
      The jews would be in their confinement all over the world.
      The illuminati, those possessed by the fallen angels decide who their freemasons marry and breed with.
      They have made sure that only jewish mothers have children with jewsih men who they are not even married to, in order to take over all the Royal families of Europe, also they do the same in the US with the wealthiest families. Do you really think the said father of Robert Murdoch is the real one?
      Look and compare their faces. That is how they took control of the World, through wars set up by jewish bankers who are the killers of Christ. Even today they do it all the time to keep their wealth.
      They need war and poverty to get the children for their continual re-crucification of Jesus.
      In ww3 they will own the entire world and destroy any chance for life to exist on earth.
      Their utopia is Hell.
      There is no death of the human consciousness ever.
      There is only the determination of one’s allegiance, to God or to the devil in Hell and the separation of the good from the evil, so that heaven will never be like Hell, and also that Hell will never be like heaven.
      The beings that exist in either place make it either as Heaven or as Hell.
      You made these jews rich and powerful, by being sucked in by their LIES.
      Hitler and Goebbels were fighting the freemasons=the servants of the jews.
      Only by the freemasons did the jews take over and take such power in the world.
      Left on their own, the jews can do NOTHING, they can’t even farm the land and have food to eat, because they are cursed by God forever. Wherever they exist the world around them turns to a lifeless barren desert of horrors, where they cannot live.
      You who suck up to the jews and serve the devil by feeding the jews are the tools that have given them all the wealth and power they now have, they have taken all that once belonged to all of you gentiles.
      Shame on you all.

    3. Everything the jews do is destructive to life, they are anti-life.
      When they took prayer out of the schools they became cesspits of depravity.
      There was no bullying or violence in the schools before they removed prayer from the schools, and everything they touch turns to death and Hell because they are the devil.
      They lie and tell us that they are good and great, but what have they ever done except the reverse, the exact opposite and antithesis, of what God desires for us, to make us Holy?
      It is true if they were without gentiles to live parasitically off of and trick and con and make into their slaves, the earth itself would give them nothing, no resources, they are the reason for the droughts wherever they are. They destroy all life around them by emitting their own evil energy+ life-killing energy.
      If only jews lived on earth which is their end goal, it will turn into a fiery Hell, where there is only death and dead spirits, that are demonic and of Hell. Just as the fallen angels did to their world, Mardak, which eventually turned into space rubble and no longer exists except in a spirit dimension below the earth which is HELL. Without your life-support of the jews fed through their banking system they would all vanish back to eternal Hell. Without adrenochrome (the mock re-crucifixion forever of Jesus) they would no longer serve the devil and get their reward for it: all the power and wealth in the world. They would all perish from this earth. Left to themselves they would just self-destruct. The support you give them,will make you accountable and equally guilty for the sins they commit, due to your support and even your silence about their crimes against God, when you are judged by God. That is why they would do anything to stop you from aligning with God against them. It is their #1 priority to get you to support them and be silent about their crimes. Everything they do is anti-Christ and an offense to God. It is only done by them what pleases Lucifer who is their God, the god of the jews is Lucifer.

    4. Aliens, Bigfoot and Reptilians are the beings that exist in Hell. They are what happened to the people of Mardak. Some came to earth with the fallen angels before and after their world imploded. The humans of Mardak continued to regress and devolved into bigfoot using the same technology and science they used on earth during Atlantis, on humans and want to do to you again with transhumanism.
      The reptilian are what the fallen angels devolved and regressed into in Hell since they were cast out.
      They are all beings that are separated from God forever and no longer can reconnect with God or creation. They are dead spirits with no souls.
      They can connect and come to earth from Hell below, when humans also begin to separate from God and regress and devolve, into demonic entities using satanism which is: all and any practices of activities that are performed in Hell but never occur or are acceptable in Heaven.
      Such as abortion, prostitution, gambling, porn, drugs, sexual deviancy, pedophilia and all the things the jews push on the societies they invade.

      The fallen angels of Hell gave the winners of ww2, the technology and science that they paraded around as Space exploration. It was not. The technology and science they were given is all about going down to Hell below, a spirit world and making doorways so that the demonic realm of beings down there in a purely spirit dimension could enter into this world/a physical dimension. That is the Treaty Eisenhower, a jew made with the “aliens” , the fallen angels. CERN is a gateway to Hell. UFOs are from Hell. In exchange it is said they are allowed to abduct people for “experimentation” in exchange for their technology. That is a LIE. Experimentation is a code word the jews use for satanic ritual practices. Including the ringworm experiments on the sephardic jews in Israel that killed them all off. They were killed and made sterile by radiation. It is code for abducting children for the adrenochrome unholy Eucharist. Our own government did not just allow it, they helped provide the jews their victims. They are liars and con artists from Hell, they work for Satan against God and Quote: “they are the enemies of God, our souls and all that is Holy” just as Padre Pio stated.
      Without the jews, these infernal demonic spirit beings could not exist on earth destroying souls and all life on earth at the same time enslaving mankind to the devil.

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