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Why Does Everyone Who Develops Free Unlimited Energy End Up Mysteriously Dead?

    TheLibertyDaily – July 25th, 2023

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    1 thought on “Why Does Everyone Who Develops Free Unlimited Energy End Up Mysteriously Dead?”

    1. The powers that be, only allow science and technology that is deadly to life, and takes the earth and humanity away from God and the perfection of this world and the human beings of earth that God created.
      Just as it states in the Talmud that a jew cannot do any good for a gentile, even if he is a doctor, the same goes for the bankers.
      Everything that makes money must also be detrimental to the earth and all life on it.
      Those who come up with such ideas to fake making progress, or doing good, but actually causing harm get the most money.
      It is the opposite of confession of sins, it is bragging about getting away with sins that are Satanic.
      Wars, drilling the earth for oil, lithium, uranium, coal, metals, jewels etc, all are deadly because they Kill the earth itself.
      That is why you have nuclear power plants, which are deadly to all life, and beyond human understanding.
      Covid, was also a fake do-good, that in reality destroyed and killed life.
      Palm oil devastated the environment of the orangutans and killed them off, so the Rockefeller were all in on that new venture.
      Like causing intentionally the gulf oil spill to profit millions off of selling Core-exit to the government to clean up the spill and in truth it made it worse, much worse, it killed and destroyed life and ocean, its creatures and the earth itself, it changed the course of the gulf stream and the weather patterns.
      The climate change con game fiasco will destroy the earth and all life on it, but they will tell everyone they are “saviors of life on earth doing it for the greater good. They LIE. They never speak the truth. They are demonic entities who are not human. They have no souls. They are from Hell itself.
      They have put scientists in prison and killed them in there if they produce anything that is actually good for life on earth and is compatible with nature and the ecosystem.
      Satanism, and above it at the top, Luciferianism are the exact opposite of the religion that Jesus Christ gave us: the Catholic Church.
      The gulf oil spill, 9-11, all endeavors that take life and destroy society, are the Bankers only interests and it is against their sick religion to do anything other than destroy what God created.
      That is the truth.
      Your private central banks run by jews Hate life itself and must, under their egregious religion, destroy life in order to make more wealth and power for themselves.
      Just as they have infiltrated all the religions and governments and industries at the top, at the same time they destroy and eliminate all that was once good and of God in the same.
      They intend to make the entire world one world consecrated to Lucifer in ww3.
      Then make all of you their possessions and slaves, to them as some type of superior race of beings, by destroying your DNA, changing it and making you all mutants with no intelligence.
      That is all they can do: their only power is to destroy.
      Whatever they tell you will be a “really super fantastic thing, for your greater good”, do not be fooled: the exact opposite is the truth.
      Until you eliminate the banking and money system that these demonic entities run, and are using to destroy all life with, you will never be free or the creations that God created you to be.
      That is the truth.
      The banking system and those who own and run it and make money out of thin air, must be eliminated permanently. Or your entire earth and all of you will die.
      They only allow science and technology that is deadly to life, and takes the earth and humanity away from God and the perfection of this world and the human beings of earth that God created.
      It is your choice, God and his unlimited powers of good, or the devils who own the banks and their unlimited evil.
      Their religion is the exact opposite of the catholic Church.
      They are the exact opposite of God, they are demonic entities from Hell that run all Banking and finance, and intermarried into and now are the royals.
      They are the illuminati. They are devils.
      Here is a video that explains who the bankers who own and run and issue all the money on earth really are: what they truly are: from the 1970’s:
      They are not human and they eat human flesh.
      Which is why the chefs of Clinton and Obama were murdered.
      Clinton is the illegitimate son of Winthrop Rockefeller: the illuminati blood lines. His mother was the nurse of Rockefeller (governor of Arkansas)
      Obama is the first of the fallen angels to get a human body made with new technology so they can avoid being called out as Illuminati blood lines. Obama was made in a DUMB, in a lab in Finland.
      He is a true reptilian, with a new type of body. That is why he has no birth certificate and his background is all fake.
      Even president Jimmy Carter was the illegitimate son of Senator Joe Kennedy, His mother was Joe’s secretary. He was a half brother to JFK. The Kennedys are an Illuminati bloodline.
      The banking system and the demonic beings who own it must be eliminated, or humans and the earth and all life on earth will all be destroyed in ww3.

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