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    RedPillWorld – April 24th, 2022

    The masses watch their TV screens & media sites for the latest news on world events, unaware that THEY are being targeted in a highly sophisticated psychological war that is literally “PROGRAMMING THEM” to believe what they are seeing & hearing on the MSM. The general public are being socially engineered to believe that Putin is the bad cop & Zelenskyy the good cop, however, the “UNSEEN REALITY” regarding both as well as the financiers & overseer’s of this war is VASTLY different from what the masses are being made to perceive it to be!

    This is also an information war, those who control the delivery of news & information to those who are unaware that this same information is being manipulated & controlled, will ultimately control the minds of those who believe what they are being told, but those who are behind the “GREAT RESET OF HUMANITY” need to control those who are asleep to their true agenda! There is always a sinister method to the reset madness, those who understand what is really happening are often ridiculed by those who don’t, the runaway reset train is hurtling down the tracks at a phenomenal speed and the masses have no idea that they are in it’s tracks!!!

    The magnitude of deception that has been successfully perpetrated upon the public is beyond astonishing, the planning & methodology of the various phases has been critical to the mind blowing success of this devious agenda. Those who know the bible also KNOW how it all ends, like others who understand the signs and seasons of our time, I am extremely grateful that my eyes and ears are seeing and hearing what many people on this earth cannot fathom!

    The Ukrainians are NOT in charge of the alleged ground war, this is a monumental deception & this video will show WHO IS and those behind it.

    Producing this video has been the greatest challenge that I have faced since I began making them 3 years ago, I have mentioned about the bizarre & unusual things that often happen to the video editing software when I am creating them, the latest events have surpassed those that I have had to battle through previously, but battle through the fight to prevent this video being produced I did, and thanks be to God I finally succeed after around 10 attempts in over a week.

    I also want to thank those who souls who have been praying for me, I greatly appreciate it, please don’t forget me in your prayers, all of you are in mine!

    God bless..

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