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    The Marshall Report – February 24, 2021

    Who is Juan O Savin? Why is he the man of mystery that we never get to see who he is? We only get to see his feet, legs and hands. Is that his real voice or is he using a voice box? Why the secrecy?

    JUAN O SAVIN / JFK JR | Mysite

    Is he not to be known or not quite yet? Will he come forward one day? If so who will we see? Will it be a cowboy figure named Juan O Savin…or will it be John 07? Or George 07? Or John Doe? Who is he? I ran across him a while back as a guest on someones YouTube program. I listened and thought it odd that he only showed his feet. He was in a hotel in DC and speaking about events that were taking place. Myself, not knowing anything about him, just listened thinking he was an inside source for he said he had attended some meetings and had information and was giving information on the parts of his meeting that he could tell. I never thought of him as anyone but an inside source of information. Then he gained more exposure on channels I was following and then I started finding his information very key in connecting dots. His videos are either very, very short…or very, very long. When I started watching some of the newer videos I thought he was either working with the entire plan to bring down the cabal, or he was the biggest lark there ever was. I chose to see him as a good inside source for he was saying many things I had been deep diving to figure out, and things that helped me connect and or affirm other dots. I found that those who are reliable find him a key source and treat him with the utmost respect. He quickly earned mine as well. But, the question remained, who is he really? Why don’t he show us who he is? So today, I decided to try and figure out why so many were saying he was JFK Jr. We can’t see him, but we can hear him. So I started there.

    I learned there are many ways to change your voice. There are aps that you can buy to change your voice when you talk on cell phones, zoom, videos, etc.

    This is a must watch for those who don’t know about this technology. I’m sure the younger crowd already has it and is using it. Smile.

    So who is this Juan. Is he JFK Jr.? That is what people are saying who are otherwise highly respectable truth sources. I went down some rabbit holes and I found some information that I am bringing out. Now, this sleuthing was to find the truth. For if JFK Jr did stage his death due to being tipped off that he was a hit target…I would love to have that be true. So, those who want to say I’ve now officially gone bonkers…just be amused by what I present. Now I am making no claims, I am merely presenting some what if’s and could this be…information. I AM NOT TRYING TO MISLEAD ANYONE or MAKING STUPID CLAIMS. I am merely entertaining what others are believing to see if there could be anything to it.

    Neil Lemke on Twitter: "Juan O Savin on Rogue News. Leg pose during  interview compared w. old image of JFK Jr. – right leg up on a table. Also,  (2nd image), Juan's

    John F. Kennedy Jr. famous leg stretch on the right. Juan O Savin’s famous leg stretch and hand on the left.

    We know Juan uses elaborate speech with intricate implications of thought provoking idiosyncrasies. He fluently speaks as a silver-tongued manor born and bred, with eloquent, and at times impeccable use of the English language. He is also well versed in applying, however selectively, profane adjectives to emphasize key points when appropriate. Certainly not your average, rogue YouTube conspirator.

    Juan’s new book, “Kid By The Side of The Road” front cover left, and back cover with President Donald J. Trump Right.

    Here is the link to purchase the book…

    Kid by the Side of the Road…The Truth of Truths

    Oct 29, 2020 – 1 mins read Here are some EXCERPTS FROM THE ARTICLE

    “OK, we purchased the eBook version of Kid by the Side of the Road, by Juan O Savin (107, 17, January 17, John F. Kennedy Jr.)…it is an AMAZING read, and it is only $12…

    “Now, Juan O Savin has said that to all those who purchase this eBook prior to tomorrow, Friday, October 30th, you will be given FIRST OPTION to purchase the PRINTED VERSION of this Book that is described as SHOCK and AWE…and that it will be a Collector’s item…and to those that purchase this 1st Run, Special Edition Copy of the Book, you will receive TWO COPIES…one to be used Again and Again and Again and the other to be a keepsake, or to be given to a Friend.

    “Colleen and I believe that this Special addition of the First Run of the Book will include the reveal that John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. is still alive and how he faked his death to complete the Sacred Work of his Beautiful Father and Uncle...and that, likely, it will include some kind of photographic journey of Jr. and Carolyn, and their beautiful family, in the years between July 16, 1999 and the Here and Now… read the article here: Kid by the Side of the Road…The Truth of Truths — CharlieFreak777 & The Shire Animal Sanctuary (

    Neil Lemke on Twitter: "Juan O Savin on Rogue News. Leg pose during  interview compared w. old image of JFK Jr. – right leg up on a table. Also,  (2nd image), Juan's
    Juan O Savin = John 07 - JFK Jr. - YouTube

    It was in reading articles like the one above that peaked my interest. So my next step was to investigate the voice. Since that is all we have to go by other than his legs, boot, ring, and hat.

    Back to Juan O Savin’s voice. He loves sharing history, news, politics. He is an expert at all of it. His tone at times varies, as does every persons does, however, his sentence  structure, choice of impeccable words and enamoring wit are genuine and mindful of a rare class of men.  His soft approach and mental calmness in the midst of the storm are also striking a cord with me as I ponder the man’s mystic.

    A must watch Juan goes into all the history of the cabal bloodlines and the war we are in. He covers the layout of DC and the gods and goddesses that make up the entire religion of those that desire one world, and the bloodlines. I recently did an article on the Apotheosis of Democracy and the gods and goddesses in the capitol. He goes into a greater depth of explaining all the history of these gods. You will enjoy all the information he shares as well as the information on NASA and their real goals. But, as you listen to Juan, who does his story telling style sound like?

    Juan’s voice at times varies, as does every persons does, however, his sentence  structure, choice of impeccable words and enamoring wit are genuine and mindful of a rare class of men.  His soft approach and mental calmness in the midst of the storm are also striking a cord with me as I ponder the man’s mystic.

    Compare it to JFK Jr. who can be heard in the video below.

    JFK Jr. interview… listen to his speech, his mannerisms and tones. The way he phrases his sentences and his humor.  Remember there are ways to change the voice via voice boxes on devices. But, the nature of the person speaking style is what to listen for.

    Compare to Juan O Savin’s wit and delivery. His calmness and hesitation moments. I’m not saying…I’m listening.

    So who is this man of mystery that is aware of all the military plans and maneuvers? This one who speaks as though he helped to plan all the stages, or many of them to devise the overall take down of the cabal?

    John Kennedy Jr. is standing on the shore in the left photo. Juan is walking in D.C. in the photo on the right. Screenshot from the video above “Making For A Perfect Day”. I found the legs matched up. The long feet both stand out and appear to match. The style of wearing the pants with the cuffs bunched up over the top of the shoes on the left, and boots on the right are the same style. The thickness of the legs are comparable and the length from knee to the foot is also a match.

    What I found most fascinating is the interpretation Juan tells in his video above is the same information I have researched for years and put in my book briefly in Burning Whispers, and more in Sly Foxes, Wolves, and Men – Is Marxism Growing In America. And like he says in his video, you can’t just explain these things in a few minutes, it takes time because there is so much to it.

    I think, even if he’s not JFK Jr., I found my tribe member!!! Smile.

    So, listen, compare and ponder it. We will all find out one way or the other soon.


    10 thoughts on “WHO IS JUAN O SAVIN? WHAT IF HE IS REALLY…..”

    1. Exactly My THOUGHTS as well!In my Gut ..I feel it is in deed JFK Jr.Alot are saying no..that Vincent Fusca is but I dont Feel that at all.

      1. I too believe it is in fact Jfk Jr I also believe I have talked with him on several occasions he is kind, deep and very caring about everything and all good people are treasures to him. His compassion about the World with his knowledge he shares should open all of our hearts and minds that in fact together We can and will move mountains! We are ALL truly blessed to have crossed his path and have his presence among us all World wide. What a team Q makes. Q and Q + are gifts from above sent to guide and save the World with a team of God living Constitutionalists making this dream the team of reality developing peace as the prize and saving the children world wide. Truly an amazing time to be alive. ????♥️✝️????????????????

    2. When I compare the voices, I find the voices are similar – in cadence, in texture, the way they both say ‘s’, clearly O Savin voice is using a type of voice filter – also he is decades older now, and fully dropped the New York accent in intervening years – but the richness of O Savin to me sounds like a fully ripened JFK Jr. And the hand movements. I think it’s him and so excited to think he is still alive! Beautiful men, both.

    3. Definitely not JFK Jr. Even if the voice is changed, the style is completely different. Plus, Robert David Steele had Juan in an interview a few weeks ago and made it very clear that he is NOT Jfk Jr. with him right there.

    4. Juan is too short to be JFK, JR, Sometimes we’ve seen him stand up and walk around and his legs are way too short to be John Jr. There was a guy at the early Trump Rally’s that might have been Jr, but there was a double that looked like that man, but not the same person, a decoy for sure. The wife looked very much like Jr.’s wife would look 20 years later. I’m getting old, I AM OLD, I want to know before I go forever where all these good people are.

      1. If Juan is JFK jr then where is Caroline r and who is Jennifer Mac as she certainly is NZozt Caroline. I think some want us to believe Juan is JFzk jr- but no- ( not unles he has a voice cover on every time he sleeps on any interview and Jennifer Zmac is just a decoy.

    5. Hi,
      When I first watched the Juan O Savin (John O (for Jackie) Savin for the Town in MA where JFK’s Library and Muesem are, I got Goose Bumps and Chills!!
      I can feel it in my bones that it is JFK Jr.
      You can tell by his nose, eyes, eye brows and his hair.
      Thank you,
      Sheran Stepanian
      P.S. How do I order his Book?

    6. Hmm, it could be, or it could be an elaborate hoax, Whomever Juan osavin is, he talks like an attorney, I used to work with many of them. He is smart as a whip, the cadence is very similar, a slight lisp at the tip of the tounge that Junior also has. Juan wears his watch usually on the R, Junior usually on the L but that is just a little thing. Cant see the leg shape, but has the hips of a man who used to be very fit, the belly would be unusual even with age because John was an athlete, but Juan or whatever the name he lives under could have had a hernia, internal damage, lots of drinking, liver disease, eating too much from stress and depression from everything that he has seen and been through, could cause the hard swollen abdomen or it could be a great disguise like a prego belly suit. Lots of facial features are so dang close, it really seems like it could be him, if not it’s a hell of a convincing hoax, even looking at it critically I feel myself wanting to believe. Well whatever, it is what it is, because he is a fantastic story teller with much I already know from my own research to be true, and makes me feel more positive about the outcome of what may be or is coming. That is a valuable commodity to feel calm, in this insane upside down wanna be communist dictatorship. Like Mulder said, “I want to believe”, but I’ll need much more to be convinced.

    7. I’m going with my gut instincts, Juan is John. I have no doubts. I had the opportunity to meet Juan and I asked him him two questions while he was signing two of his books that I purchased. He answered my first question and his response to the second one was a somber “yes”. I felt and still do feel bad about asking my second question. I’ll always believe I got a big hug from Junior that day.

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