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What They Did Not Tell You About Satellites And Don’t Want You To Know…So I’m Telling You.

Jim Crenshaw – November 27th, 2021

Source: Free Your Mind. Note that at 08:30 when talking about the laying of undersea cables he says that their is “no allowance for the curvature of the earth”…just saying. Notice there are no cables between South America and Australia? Too far? Yes. When you lay the map out flat they are way far away from each other. This is why you cannot get a flight from South America directly to Australia or vice versa…think about it. Oh the lies they tell.

1 thought on “What They Did Not Tell You About Satellites And Don’t Want You To Know…So I’m Telling You.”

  1. NASA, is said to come from Jack Parsons, and LRon Hubbard, satanists and the first “rocket scientists” They were in a cult run by Satanist, Aleister Crowley. The real truth is: they went underground, into the satanic caves, of California. Crowley went all over the world seeking the tunnels in caves that connect to the underworld of Hell.
    What they called a Space program, was a joke, a lie. They really went underground and built the DUMBs and sought to connect to HELL. In 1956, the freemasons/jew/satanists of the USA (whore of Babylon) began to communicate and align with the beings of Hell, not extraterrestrials from outer space. They killed Kennedy, to do all of the making the earth a new extension of Hell, that the world is now becoming.
    They gave Freemasonry=Satanism all the technology we now have and more that is mind blowing that is kept secret, for the Freemasonic Jewish Satanists to use only secretly for themselves.
    The earth is flat, it exists above Hell and below the Heavenly realms,
    where God is infinite and unlimited in his power.
    The fallen angels of Hell have limited and finite powers only, seeking to replace God’s greater power and always failing.
    Human beings of earth were once a part of Heaven.
    When you began to do what is not permitted in Heaven, but is permitted in Hell, you Literally FELL.
    Earth itself went down lower to a level between Heaven and Hell.
    The satnaist/jews/Freemasons are doing everything that Satan does.
    When Jesus came to help you return to the higher level of Heaven, at the same time the devil sought to bring you down lower to Hell. He got the ancestors of the present day jews (ashkenazi) to pay Judas his silver and get Jesus arrested. They did as Satan asked and called for the crucifixtion of Jesus, and the freedom to Barabbas in his place.
    Since then all the descendants of those jews the lost 13th tribe belong to the devil’s of Hell.
    They have no souls and are born possessed by demons.
    Only gentiles are born with souls and have gardian angels directing them higher to heaven.
    The jews who followed Christ became Gentiles and they were the chosen people of God and are hated by the ashkenazi jews, who live one lifetime and go directly down to Hell.
    Since the earth humans fell, they have had the opportunity to choose, to ascend back up to heaven or descend down lower to Hell.
    You get second chances sometimes and reincarnate which is purgatory.
    But the jews only get one life, and them eternal Hell for serving satan.
    The devil is a LIAR, whatever he claims is the truth: the exact opposite is the truth.
    They want you to think aliens come from above the earth.
    They do not. They come from below and through the tunnels.
    The beings above are in Heaven.
    The earth have progressively lowered itself since 1956 and fake satanic NASA, and their preference for technology and science: the devil, over God and his miracles intervention love, prayer and oneness with one another.
    What is coming will be catastrophic. It is actually the earth falling again: the real aim of the NWO.
    They want earth to Fall down to the lower level of Hell.
    To a level where there will be no longer any chance of it ever going back up again.
    That is the NWO = total disconnection to Heaven and God and what is higher (evolution/ascension).
    When the earth finally falls down all will be destroyed. Fire and demons will appear on earth as it melds into Hell. The earth is flat.
    Only those who are with Jesus and with God and the angels and reject the jews freemasonry and satanism and PRAY to God for salvation, will rise up to heaven, as the earth falls down.
    That is the truth they do not want you to know.
    the earth can’t be between heaven and hell forever.
    This world is temporary, and you are here to each choose to go back up or continue to go down.
    It all will end soon. Which way you all go is totally your own choice.
    Sadly for all jews, those soulless ones born from a soulless Jewish mother, they can only go down.
    They made that Choice when Jesus came.
    He cam again when he was Hitler to save you all.
    He is coming again very soon, but not to those who HATE Hitler and believe the lies the jews say about him. Lies that are really their own evil projected onto him.
    In the Talmud/satanic bible it says: “Always accuse your enemy of the crimes you are guilty of.”
    It’s what they do. They LIE, they hate and they don’t want any Gentiles to ever get to heaven and be with God and the angels, because they will never get there themselves.

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