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What the heck is that?

    Larry Hannigan – April 17th, 2023

    This man who has asked to remain anonymous has been taking lvermectin and this came out of his arm!

    What the heck are they putting into people and why are they suppressing lvermectin?

    2 thoughts on “What the heck is that?”

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    2. The truth is: it is not bacteria or viruses that cause disease, they are a symptom of disease.
      A symptom of positioning and parasites.
      It is what the jews have done since they first created disease in the gentiles, by poisoning their wells.
      They first made modern medicine in the middle ages in Europe.
      They only use POISONS as medicines and wiped out the use of real medicines: herbs, fasting and prayer.
      Casting out demons also ends mental disease.
      The poisons they give the mentally ill just make them more possessed.
      Jews exacerbate disease and make people more sick, they do not cure disease.
      In their freemasonry, all the high level Freemasons use real medicine the ancient methods.
      All societies from the beginning used herbal medicines.
      As did all the Catholics under Jesus Christ.
      The vaccines have only made people and children sick.
      Poisons and adding diseases do not cure illness.
      Modern medicine is SATANIC and Jewish, it was founded by jews.
      It is evil. They use it to torture animals as a satanic ritual in their fake “research”.
      All science and technology are killing life on earth, and they come to us from the Gods of the jews: the fallen angels of Hell, through the jews and their freemasonry which is a cover for SATANISM.
      When you believe and obey the lies of the liars, the jews who have no souls or any relationship to God as his children, but exist as those on earth who serve the devil as his minions, you become demonically possessed. Their poisons make you demonically possessed.
      Worse they make all their money serving satan, forcing their poisons on you.
      Those poisons include their music, art, movies, TV shows and LIES that the evil they promote as “good” are good, when the truth is they poison the minds of those who accept them as “good”.
      When you do not know good from evil, you are lost from God forever.
      They made you HATE and see Hitler as evil with their lies about him.
      You believed their lies and have FALLEN, just like Adam and Eve.
      Now you have become Satanists like them and think you are your own Gods.
      You have traded good for evil.
      Hitler was a savior. You never knew him. You are all the slaves of the jews now and they are taking you down to Hell, keep believing their lies and accepting their good for good when it is SATANIC evil, as so falling and falling until you reach the lowest depths of Hell.
      Which will come with the Jewish wars, all wars are Jewish satanic sacrifice rituals, civil wars everywhere blowing up into WW3, and the mark of the beast.
      Keep accepting the private jewish banks money and their coming CBDC’s a prelude to the mark of the beast after the war ends with the reign of the antichrist, a jew who is evil a jewish liar, who will convince you that evil is good. If you were truly with God, and good and could deduce good from evil, poisons and parasites from cures and healing, you would not be falling DOWN to Hell, you would be raising yourselves upwards to ascend/evolve higher up towards heaven above.
      You only began to evolve higher when you cast out the jews.
      You never cast out their banking system, their money system they used to enslave you and take all that God created for you gentiles.
      They are your enemies, the enemies of God, of your souls, and all that is holy.
      There is no limit to their lies and the evil they are capable of doing to you all once they own this entire earth with WW3. They are taking you to HELL for eternity.
      On Judgement day, all who follow and believe the lies of and worship the jews, will be told: “you never knew me”. When the warning comes you will know what I say is true, that you serve the devil and become the possessions of demons when you serve the jews and believe their lies that the evil they sell you for $$$ is death and Hell wrapped up in a pretty package with their lies and deceit.
      They have kept you from being the children of God, who do the will of God only, and are guarded by his Angels from the devil.
      They have ruined your health and made your children mentally and physically defective with their poisons they call vaccines, and you still lick their blood soaked boots.
      You are an offense to God.
      Look up Christian Science religion, they cure all disease with prayer alone, they do not go to doctors and they are all cured and HEALTHY.
      Catholics and all Christians used to do the same, but now they love the jews and they have fallen LOW.
      Save your souls, cast out the jews. Or follow them DOWN to Hell where they all go after they die.

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