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What Is Wokeism…And How The Judeo-Right Retards Our National Conversation

    By National Justice Party – March 19, 2023

    From National Justice.

    Joseph Jordan

    What does it mean to be woke?

    This was the simple inquiry presented by Briahna Joy Gray to anti-woke commentator Bethany Mandel.

    Mandel, the supposed author of a book which purports to be a critique of wokeness, was stumped by the straight-forward question in a viral moment that has every social leftist in America cackling.

    Mandel is one of several intellectuals in the conservative “anti-woke” movement that has been promoted in the media in the last year or two. The majority of this movement’s academics and journalists are Jews: Eric Kaufmann, Batya Ungar-Sargon, Bari Weiss, Zach Goldberg, Matthew Yglesias, Abigail Shrier, Dave Rubin, Bret and Eric Weinstein, et al. Many of them identified as left-liberals until very recently, some still do.

    These figures specialize in flooding disinformation and confusion on what exactly wokeness is. This is a deliberate categorical obfuscation that trickles down to the Republican party rank-and-file, and its intention is as a place holder for popular discontent that prevents a proper Hegelian pro-white antithesis to the anti-white thesis from forming.

    In its essence, what people refer to as “woke” is the “Open Society” — radical minoritarian liberalism used as a tool of control by a collectivist and racialist Jewish plutocracy. The Bolsheviks implemented a prototype of this in their campaign against “Great Russian Chauvinism,” but the ideology was perfected by the post-war Judeo-American and Atlanticist establishment through college-educated and affluent Baby Boomers — the first Western generation properly instructed in this worldview — as they came of age in the 1960s.

    The ideology exists in a continuum. The speed of its “progress” ebbs and flows depending on circumstance, but ultimately its corrosion advances. The pauses that follow a transformative moment in American history (Civil Rights viz-a-viz Nixon, rising “LGBT” cultural power and the Defense of Marriage Act/Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Obama identity politics to Trumpism) are brief interludes, but in the end meaningless and ephemeral. Its driving force is: 1) Western nations, cultures and people are illegitimate due to the collective sin of the Holocaust (as summarized by Theodor Adorno’s quote “No poetry after Auschwitz”) and other supposed historical atrocities related to collectivism and the exclusion of the “Other” and 2) An exception to this rule for those who are minorities of race and paraphilic sexual practices, who must be morally and socio-politically empowered to rule over majorities as a prerequisite to liberal Democracy.

    Naturally, no majority, regardless of race, enjoys being treated like second-class citizens in their own country. The solution to this, developed by Jews closely connected with the US power structure in works such as Karl Popper’s The Open Society and Its Enemies and Karl Loewenstein’s Militant Democracy is to utilize soft (in education, think “Critical Race Theory,” and in the work place, “cancel culture”) and hard power (criminally prosecuting “hate”) to stifle and suppress the vitalism of a targeted majority as well as their political will.

    In other words, the crisis of representative democracy in America and the rest of the West — where the will of the people is thwarted by judiciaries or populist frauds who appear out of nowhere waste supporter’s time and money — is a product of malicious intent.

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