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What happens when you boil Fluoridated tap water?

    Serene_Christine – April 18th, 2023


    1 thought on “What happens when you boil Fluoridated tap water?”

    1. “Although water fluoridation is known to be harmful and is banned in most countries across the world, the United States and Canada still promote the practice. Despite the fact that fluoride has been promoted as a boon to dental health, in actuality, fluoride is a proven neurotoxin that has the ability to cause permanent disfiguration of teeth as well as a host of other health problems.
      Furthermore, the type of fluoride that is added to water, sodium fluoride, is known to be 80 times more toxic than calcium fluoride, the type of fluoride that occurs naturally. By and large, water fluoridation is all part of a grand scheme to dispose of unnatural forms of fluoride. These unnaturally-occurring compounds are nothing more than waste products that come from aluminum, steel and cement manufacturing.
      One of the best ways to remove fluoride from your water is to invest in a water distiller. Distilled water never contains fluoride as the distillation process effectively removes fluoride and a host of other contaminants that are harmful to your health. In fact, water distillation is so effective that the process is capable of removing just about anything from water.
      Creating distilled water through the distillation process is simple and easy. All you have to do is boil the water that you wish to purify and collect the water vapor in the form of steam. This steam, once collected, will yield fresh, clean drinking water that is fluoride free. Decreasing the amount of fluoride that you consume is a good step to ensuring good dental health and a healthy lifestyle, so if you want to start investing in your future, you can start by investing in a good water distiller.”
      BUT do not use a plastic container to fill with the distilled or any distilled water.
      It will leach out the oestrogens from the plastic, use only safe glass lead free glass, like borosilicate.
      Never drink distilled water that comes from the store in a plastic bottle.
      You must add minerals to the distilled water, to stop it from leaching from a plastic container or cup, or just drink it from a safe/lead free glass.
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