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What Australia is facing ‘is not a recession but a catastrophe’: Alan Jones

    Sky News Australia – Sep 2, 2020

    Sky News host Alan Jones says what Australia is facing is not a recession but rather a catastrophe which no one in the government “has any clue how to get out of”.

    “I don’t think anyone in the government has any clue how we get out of this,” Mr Jones said.

    “This is the worst economic blow since World War Two, the largest fall in GDP, seven per cent since records began in 1959.

    “The only thing we know is that they put us here.

    “It is not a recession; it is a catastrophe.

    “The response to this coronavirus has been prompted by alarmist chief medical officers who have ignored international evidence; politicians who’ve refused to lead but rather follow; and hysterical modelling, which has now been totally discredited”.

    Mr Jones also spoke of an “unprecedented intervention by distinguished medical people across Australia”.

    He said they have written to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews expressing deep concern with the management of the coronavirus.

    Sky News Australia

    Covid Doctors Network

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