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Whale Swallows Kayakers

    December1991 – June 4th, 2023

    1 thought on “Whale Swallows Kayakers”

    1. The tables always turn.
      That is why the Fallen angels which are subhuman get away with torturing and eating Human children, because you torture eat the children of animals. Sometimes animals die of fright before the slaughter.
      The fact that you do not even comprehend that it is wrong is why you all suffer so much.
      You get back what you give: the law of reality.
      Before the end they will eat everyone in the fema camps.
      The mark of the beast will label you as animal/food:
      There is no reason for animal testing or experiments except as a satanic ritual sacrifice all the jews do.
      The forbidden fruit is the fruit of the womb=the womb of a mammal or human is the tree of life.
      That is what led to the Fall.
      That is why Satan made them do it=so the fallen angels could in turn eat them and their babies as then and also as ‘Moloch Mammon’ when they arrived later with the money system.
      It is in all the old statues, especially in Hindu Temples: serpents eating humans.
      They came up through the tunnels under the earth where Hell has always been.
      Only the Angels come down to the earth from Heaven and keep you separated from them.
      CERN will make bothe dimensions one.

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