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Were doctors free to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine, ‘we wouldn’t need the lockdowns’

    Sky News Australia – Sep 23, 2020

    UPDATED March 8, 2022 | Re-posted from Bitchute due to YouTube deleting video

    Hydroxychloroquine is a lawful drug which “doctors have been able to prescribe for over 60 years” yet bureaucrats have stepped in and overridden the ability of Australian doctors to prescribe it to their patients, says Liberal MP Craig Kelly.

    “This is the most insane thing that I’ve ever seen in my life,” Mr Kelly told Sky News host Alan Jones

    “The evidence is now overwhelming; it rolls in day after day after day.”

    Mr Craig said in the last 24 hours, a peer reviewed study published in the Lancet said “overall mortality was lower in the hydroxychloroquine group than in the group that didn’t receive hydroxychloroquine.”

    “Yet we still have this ban preventing Australian doctors from prescribing this drug to their sick COVID patients,” he said.

    “With the weight of evidence going on, anyone who tells you that hydroxychloroquine, there is no evidence for it, or it’s dangerous, is either lying or they’re a fool.”

    Mr Kelly said “if these bureaucrats get out of the way and give the freedom back to the doctors” to prescribe hydroxychloroquine again, we wouldn’t need the lockdowns and we wouldn’t have “all the pain and suffering we are seeing around the nations”.

    Mr Jones added “people are dying as a result of the ban in this country”.

    Sky News Australia

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