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    The Marshall Report – March 6, 2021

    The left has their own art of war taking place and they have been fighting for a very long time, using all the weapons they can get their hands on. Trump pointed this out from the day he came down the escalator. Who was listening? We all watched as they went for the head of the MAGA movement. The head of Donald J. Trump. We watched as they trashed him, smeared him, and threw a flurry of fiery darts at him.

    We continued to watch throughout his entire presidency as they fought day and night to take him down.  They stole the election in our faces, they cared not who saw them for they were emboldened by their miry clay infiltration of all levels and in all three of the corporations of the cabal.

    No one was supposed to know any of their agenda, nor any of their corporate and religious structure secrets. 

    The people watched, impatiently shouting.. when will this all end? We are tired of watching all of this.

    All the while President Trump continued to wake up the sleeping silent majority…letting them know he was the only thing stopping them from coming after YOU.  He said, it is not me they want, it is YOU!

    We saw what they did to General Flynn who knew where all the bodies were. Next they sought to destroy Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood, Mike Lindell! When this took place, people started to sit up and realize this is more than shock and distain about a stolen election. This is about our entire survival as a nation. EVERYTHING IS CORRUPT!

    Many have heard and heeded the warning. Their eyes are opened wide. Yet, many look and still could not see.

    President Trump is telling each of you to look and see what they do to the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD, look and see what they do to the man who holds the HIGHEST OFFICE IN THE LAND!  Look what they are doing to the most prominent patriots in America!!  If they will do this to the highest in command of the military and office of the free world…and to anyone taking a lawful stand against the lawlessness, WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY WILL DO TO YOU?

    They have NO FEAR OF YOU… all of their energy is now directed at THE TOP OF MAGA  movement.  Let me put it this way, they are lopping off the top of the MAGA PYRAMID. Once they lop off the top, they will put the little people at the bottom back under their enslavement and tear up the remnant of what is left of the constitution and Bill of Rights. You pesky useless eaters will finally be in their devilish cages where the master they follow from hell itself, have wanted you for thousands of years.

    So what has President Trump done to counter this attack at the top? To counter all their infiltration? He has pointed out that there are MORE OF YOU AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PYRAMID THAN THERE ARE AT THE TOP!

    He has told you to make America great again it is up to each one of you. The silent majority has to stand up and shout for freedom! Shout for IN GOD WE TRUST and declare our Bill of Rights and Constitution of natural law, laws of God’s nature!

    He has made the Clarion call to come out of her my people and stand together in God We Trust!  He has said, we will do our part, now you must do your part!  AWAKE AND GO AND TELL THE OTHERS TO STAND AND SEE WHAT THEY DO!

    One by one people are seeing, they are standing, they are coming out from her my people!  So expose the liars, the cabal for the thieves that they are and come out and stand together a great and powerful army for the Lord!

    So now that the numbers of those awake are growing…what are we to do? Call them out, perhaps it is time to organize in our small towns and cities? Start first by demanding no more mandates, and declare our Bill of Rights starting with our liberty to work and provide a livelihood for ourselves and our families, our right to free speech and not to be censored like a communistic regime of tyranny! Expose the lies – all of them and demand justice. End the lawlessness and recall all in congress and the senate who are against the will of the people. Call out all who committed treason in the coup to overthrow the Republic of The United States of America. Demand justice and call for the removal of all corrupt judges in the Supreme Court and all the courts in the land! Call for the removal of all corrupt leaders in municipalities, state, and federal positions! We the People have the power to recall – it is time to use that power!

    STAY STRONG! Now is the time to speak out!


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