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Wayne Glew update brilliant. Also WA fake Border Rod needs back up against Unlawful criminals

    liabilitymate – March 4th, 2022

    Update on Wayne Glew, he taught them a lesson in Law today.
    Also Rod has been denied access across a fake border because of unlawful foreign employees pretending to be Police. Get out help him and teach these traitors a lesson in Law. We hope they have their prison cells in good condition because these useless criminals are going to be in them very soon. God Bless.
    Complying with tyrants has a 100% failure rate people, whatever these tyrants say DO THE OPPOSITE…
    All State & Federal Governments are unlawful & illegitimate. Stop doing what they say & take them out.
    Neither the Federal nor the State Governments are sovereign bodies:
    they are legislatures with limited powers, any law which they attempt to pass
    in excess of those power is NO LAW AT ALL it is simply a nullity entitled to NO OBEDIENCE…
    Wayne Glew
    24 Hagan Road Glenfield
    Geraldton WA 6532
    $150 plus postage $20
    Free Download of Original Constitution

    2 thoughts on “Wayne Glew update brilliant. Also WA fake Border Rod needs back up against Unlawful criminals”

    1. Please don’t give up. For everybody there, there is another 4 who cannot be there. Too sick, too scared, to asleep still, too broke and broken. I’ve wanted to give up many times….but am an online truth warrior.
      They CANNOT see it! Even when you tell them what has happened to them they don’t get it! They don’t believe it! Someone big needs to change the media….get it off air and tell the truth…. God bless. Hold the line. We’re almost there!!!! Think positive. Manifest the next step. Manifest it from deep within.
      YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! Put on the armour of God and manifest the outcome with all your might!! 🙏

    2. Thank you Rod. I hope support arrives to help you. There is so many voices and lies especially from the media. Trying to do our bit here in Tas. With you in mind and spirit. God Bless you. Merlene

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