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Watch: Physician Exposes Covid Scam And How Establishment Fixes The Numbers

    From PCR tests to masks and the experimental vaccine, this brave physician’s assistant blows the whole scam wide open. – August 7th 2021

    Image Credit:Tang Ming Tung/Getty Images

    A Texas physician’s assistant (PA) broke down how the medical establishment games the COVID numbers to make the pandemic scam seem much worse.

    During an Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District (CISD) board meeting on July 27, the PA named Miguel Escobar explained that COVID data is being manipulated to elevate the case and death count.

    “I’ve worked in healthcare for over 15 years. I have been working in the valley in cardiology at the hospitals for about 3 years and right now I work in internal medicine and I also work with the border patrol screening immigrants that come in,” he said. “I’m here to talk about a lot of the misinformation that’s out there.”

    Version with improved audio below:

    Escobar first pointed out that the COVID testing system is designed to make anyone fall into the COVID category, even if someone went to the ER after a car accident, which is part of why the CDC is recalling almost all PCR tests.

    “If they test you for COVID, you died of COVID, not a car accident,” he said.

    “You could have severe known cardiovascular disease – which is what I partake in – and come in with an absolute 100% heart attack, but they test you for COVID. What did you die of? COVID.”

    “What just happened about two weeks ago?” he continued. “CDC is now telling all the laboratories to stop using the PCRs that we’ve been using this whole time because they cannot decipher between the flu and COVID,” Escobar continued. “So we have to stop using them. That information alone should stop this whole ridiculousness.”

    Escobar also railed against face masks and their ineffectiveness at preventing infection and transmission of the coronavirus.

    “Why would you sniff the bacteria that comes out of your mouth all day long and force that on our children? That is wrong, it psychologically effects them, and you’re going to implore more infections on them,” he said, citing the CDC’s own website showing the mask does virtually nothing to stop COVID transmission.

    Escobar then moved on to the experimental mRNA COVID injections, railing against the CDC for changing guidance for hospitals not to include vaccinated individuals for COVID if they got re-infected.

    “The unvaccinated theory is nothing but BS,” he said. “Does anyone here know – especially the medical professionals here – that the CDC about a month and a half ago changed the requirement for hospitals and clinics to count a COVID case? If you are now vaccinated, you don’t have to register that person as a COVID case if they have COVID. Even if they’re in the hospital and dying of COVID, if they’re vaccinated, you don’t have to count that as a COVID case.”

    “Why are people saying ‘the unvaccinated are filling the hospitals?’ Because the CDC has literally changed that. So if you get COVID and you are vaccinated, you don’t count into the pool of people who are vaccinated. Does anybody know that? I doubt that,” he added.

    If the so-called infrastructure bill passes, explaining inconvenient facts like these can be criminalized as “science denial.”

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