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Watch Maria Zakharova completely destroy cowardly English propagandist

    eval_argument – October 8th, 2022

    1 thought on “Watch Maria Zakharova completely destroy cowardly English propagandist”

    1. The truth is they have been threatening all the main stream journalists with death or worse since back in the 1960s. They have knowingly become LIARS for the deep state for decades, and it is only getting worse since many so-called truth journalists are being threatened now as well. This man from England most likely has children to consider. They would like to be truthful but they cannot without dire consequences.
      They even found a way to silence Tucker Carlson, who I believe had some really hard core leverage over FOX, that allowed him to express the truth.
      But they got him cancelled with their own leverage, a lawsuit of liability for the multi-million $ settlement FOX gave to Dominion, they most likely threatened to sue him for expressing his truth, about the fixed fraud election.
      The mainstream Media journalists are all paid very well, to LIE.
      Some of them are even CIA.

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