pureblood – February 12th, 2022

This was another failed fake news media hit job on Kari Lake. Kari exposed another propagandist for the Trump-hating leftist hack he is.

Before the interview started, Kari Lake said, “did you hear that, Laim? We’ve got about 15 minutes,” and Liam Bartlett responded, “Okay, alright. Well, let’s get started.”

Lake always comes prepared with her own camera. She said this was the “most biased interview” of her life.

Lake destroyed the reporter on multiple questions about President Trump, the stolen 2020 election, and election reform, as she trounced the fake news establishment for their silence.

In an attempt to make her look bad, Bartlett pivoted to January 6th, and lake flipped it on him, recognizing the tactic.

The questions were strictly about President Trump and January 6th, but Lake is running for Governor of Arizona.

After the last question, Bartlett tried to go after Kari, implying she wasn’t tough. He then accused her of “telling fibs” about his allotted time, claiming that he was cut off, and accused her of making “xenophobic comments” about Australia’s tyrannical lockdowns.

The off-record argument was hilarious! He started it, and she beat him hard.

Bartlett: propaganda?

Oh my gosh, if you can’t see it, if you can’t see it, sir. Then you’re even more brainwashed than you could imagine. And I feel for the people of Australia. They’re being abused by their leaders. They have no rights and their media is continuing to try to brainwash them. You were probably one of the guys pushing the fear with COVID so that people would stay in their homes and wouldn’t go out, and that the children would be masked. You were probably one of the guys pushing that fear on your TV station. And I’ll tell you what, the masking of children and the torture of the people. People are never gonna forgive you for that and they’re never going to forget. So I suppose you’re the kind of guy that masks your children. Right?

Bartlett: I suppose you’re the sort of woman who also believes the moon landing was a conspiracy. I mean, how many institutions do you want to tear down?

Lake: Oh my goodness. So you masking your children. Is that your way of not answering Are you masking your children your beautiful children’s faces?

Bartlett: this is what Donald Trump does straight out of his playbook.

Lake: Liam, it was a pleasure meeting you. This has just become comical. I’m leaving. Actually, thank you for giving me a good laugh because you actually make some of the crazy reporters and people at CNN look almost respectable. So thank you, sir. Appreciate your time.

That guy’s a complete nut seriously, a completely insane person. Do people in Australia listen to him? That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced

Kari Lake shared the embarrassing moment for Liam Bartlett on her rumble page.

It’s no secret that the Media is OBSESSED with President Trump, but this nut-job from 60 Minutes Australia takes that obsession to a whole new level. Propagandist Liam Bartlett is infatuated with our favorite President.

It was clear from the start that this was another Corporate Media Cabal hit-piece. And when it ended Liam became desperate–he seemed panicked he didn’t get the interview he wanted.

Hey, Liam, stop lying to the people of Australia.


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