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WATCH: Ex-Soldier ARRESTED for Facebook post in Melbourne

    Rebel News – Sep 4, 2020


    An Australian former soldier has dramatically been arrested this morning in Melbourne for incitement after posting a video saying he plans to attend the anti-lockdown protest on Saturday.

    James Bartolo went live on Facebook at approximately 8:30 am Melbourne time when Victoria Police busted in his door.

    This comes two days after police arrested a pregnant woman in front of her children for the same alleged offence.

    Thousands plan to rally tomorrow in Melbourne against some of the toughest COVID-19 restrictions seen around the world.

    Many Victorians have expressed outrage over the double standard when it comes to policing protests in Victoria during the Pandemic.

    Police allowed tens of thousands to march in support of Black Lives Matter in June.CoronavirusAustralia

    FULL REPORT from Avi Yemini:

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